Insured Trading Review – Oliver Breitner’s Pathetic $18,000 SCAM!! Read.

Insured Trading SCAM – Old Tactics Repeated To CHEAT Traders!

Insured Trading is a money-making scheme in the binary options industry. Unfortunately, like several others, this is a scam too. If you had started believing in the promotional videos and had started trusting Oliver Breitner, we would request you to go through this complete Insured Trading Review. The entire scam is exposed with several proofs. This scheme is quite similar to many other vicious binary trading scams we have previously reviewed. Do not invest your hard-earned money because you will lose all your savings as soon as you deposit your money. Keep reading to know how well everything is arranged in order to fool people.

We start our Insured Trading review by trying to find out more about the owner and his experience.

insured trading scam review

Who is Oliver Breitner?

Oliver Breitner is the man behind this money-making scheme. Confirming our doubts, we found that Mr. Breitner is the same individual behind a previous scam, which he introduced some time ago. This was called Insured Outcome. Our Insured Trading Scam research revealed that Oliver Breitner made just a few modifications in the earlier scheme. The presentations are identical, the results and profits are similar too. Insured Outcome scammed people and was proven to be a scam. Tons of people lost their money to them. Oliver Breitner has now cleverly changed the name and introduced the same scam with a new name.

What is Insured Trading? How Does It Work?

The Insured Trading app system is claimed to be a patented algorithm. It is known to work by analyzing billions of market variables fast and before the trade expires. It is also claimed that this app, can actually detect if a certain open position will lose or win. This is known to make adjustments easier before expiry time. In other words, it is claimed that Insured Trading shall be reversing positions as per the market directions so that profits are accumulated and risk is zero.

This sounds impressive enough! But, it is not true! It is never so easy to earn money in the foreign exchange market. Also, do you think someone would so easily hand over such a secret if at all it existed? If this was true, it would be truly priceless. The developer wouldn’t have revealed it so easily and that too for free. The developer would have earned billions by selling it.

Unrealistic Earnings:

If you watch the presentation video at, you will know, that this Insured Trading Scam software can help traders earn as much as $18k in a day. This is truly ridiculous – no one earns this much in the binary trading industry, not even the best auto traders. We found in our Insured Trading review research that the most reliable software can make around $800 in a day. No software will guarantee you such a large sum of money because this is not possible.

False Promises:

It is also said that this software does not incur losses. It is claimed that traders will not lose even one trade and that they can easily make $18 K in a day. Those who have been in this industry or have little knowledge will know that no trades are risk-free. There is nothing as an auto trader. Nothing can be accurately predicted – neither the profits nor the losses. All these statements about zero loss and all wins are absolutely false and misleading.

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Misleading Information – SCAM PROOFS!

Check the official website of Insured Trading ( and you will come across several misleading information and facts.

No Contact Details – This is one of the most alarming facts about Check the website for any physical address, contact number, emergency phone number or even email address. Nothing is revealed! Would you like to give away your money blind-folded? This is what is happening here exactly. You will deposit your money and then nothing will happen. You have no one to get in touch with. This is a big proof of the software being a scam.

Inflated Bank Account – We can see a screenshot of Oliver Breitner’s bank account. Well – this is a complete forgery. It is totally meant to mislead and deceive traders. The money will be coming from a broker’s bank account. This will not come from any third party entity.

Fake Testimonials – In our review, we found that all testimonials are copied from the previous scam website – Insured Outcome, which was launched by the same owner too. Yes, scammers are actually lazy people. They just look for quick money without any hard work.

Rush and Haste To Register:

Scammers are always in a hurry. They do not want traders to think before investing because by then their fraud shall be exposed. We see the same hurry and rush in Insured Trading too. The website reveals that this is a ‘time sensitive’ offer and one needs to register right away to make profits. The fact is that the website has been around for quite a long time and they have been announcing this for quite some time now. So, if people are actually signing up or if it was actually time sensitive – would the offer still be there? In our Insured Trading review, we found that the previous version too used the same tactics to lure people. This is just a marketing hype to make people deposit money.

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Verdict – Is Insured Trading a Scam?

Yes, it is a 100% scam.

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Our Insured Trading scam review has revealed that nothing is true in this system. Our findings and evidence are quite compelling. We found nothing legitimate or genuine with this software. It is designed by cheaters, who have previously cheated people already and are now finding new ways to do so. If you invest your money, you will lose it all. There is no secret magical formula to make money and nothing is assured. Stay away from this scam!

It is important that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before taking up any “shady” offer online. Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. We can safely say that 95% of the services we review are scams while only 5% are legitimate. With these kinds of stats, it isn’t difficult to imagine why so many people are getting scammed daily. If you are looking for a legitimate service to get you started on your journey to make an income online, visit our recommended services section.

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