Insured Outcome Review – SCAM or LEGIT?

The Insured Outcome App, Software, and Auto-trader by Oliver Breitner is a relatively new binary options service to hit the market. Since it’s launch, we have received mostly negative feedback from our subscribers in regards to the Insured Outcome  Software. We decided to investigate this system further before drawing any conclusions and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive review. Do not invest any money into this system before first reading our review.

Insured Outcome Scam Review

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Insured Outcome Review

Oliver Breitner claims to be the founder and CEO of the Insured Outcome Software which is essentially an auto-trader. It cost him 7 million dollars which were paid out to “Vixionella Soft” for the creation of this auto-trading software. By using this software, he guarantees you will earn a minimum of $18,000 every single day, $520,000 every month, and become a millionaire in under 60 days! All that is required of you is a minimum despot of $250 with a binary options broker that Oliver Breitner recommends. As if those claims aren’t ridiculous enough, he also goes on to say he has been featured on CNN Business Review for turning 17 random people into millionaires in under 58 days. Yeah, right!

Insured Outcome Fraudulent Claims

Before we completely debunk the Insured Outcome Sofware, let us further investigate some of the ridiculous claims made in attempts to deceive newcomers:

Guaranteed Earnings. Trading Binary Options is similar to trading Forex and Stocks in the sense that they involve some risk. How well you manage risk is crucial in determining if you are a profitable trader or not. At best traders can make use of Technical and Fundamental analysis to predict movements in the markets and place trades accordingly. Even the best auto-traders on the market like the NEO² Software do not make ridiculous claims like that. The NEO² boasts an 85% win rate which is more than enough to keep traders profitable. 100% certainty in the financial markets simply does not exist and for that reason, it is impossible to guarantee earnings. These guarantees are meant to entice unsuspecting traders who will eventually fall victim to this scam.

Never Lost a Trade. Since it’s release back in “2014” Insured Outcome claims to have never lost a single trade. For the same exact reasons we specified previously, it is impossible to have a winning ratio of 100% over a 2 year period. It is possible to not have a losing day since profits from winnings can negate losses from bad trades. However, this is not the same as not losing a single trade which is quite frankly a ridiculous claim to make. Any software/system that makes claims like these are most definitely fraudulent ones that you should definitely avoid.

Insured Outcome Fraudulent Claims

1 Month Old Website?

Released in 2014?  We also found out that the company wasn’t actually released in 2014 like it claimed. It was registered less than a month ago (at the time of writing) and is pretty obvious from the image above. This is a very common pattern in most scams we review where  the website is registered less than a month before it’s launch.

Vixionella Soft/CNN Business Review. Oliver Breitner’s claim of paying Vixionella Soft 7 million for the creation of his software is just another bogus claim. There is no physical evidence present to verify the existence of such a company. Our research only brought back names of Visionael Software and Vanilla Software. There was also no trace of the Insured Outcome App in any CNN related publications. This was pretty obvious from the start. If a company that was capable of turning anyone who uses it into a millionaire in 60 days was featured on CNN Business, every living person would have heard about it by now. It would be all over the news and you definitely wouldn’t have heard about it first from a suspicious e-mail invite.

Insured Outcome Scam Findings

Apart from ridiculous claims, the people behind the Insured Outcome hoax also make use of fabricated testimonials and fake scarcity numbers. The testimonials from Alber, Anna, and Clara are fabricated. Those are not the real names of the people in the image. They were merely stolen from the internet to represent a satisfied customer. Displayed fabricated testimonials like that are not uncommon in scams nowadays. They are meant to gain a viewers trust while luring them deeper into the scam.

Insured Outcome Fake Testimonials

Fabricated Testimonials from Stolen Identities.

They also make use of fake scarcity numbers such as “9 Spots Left”. These are intended to instill a sense of urgency in their victims and to eliminate time to make an informed decision. By saying there are only 9 slots left, a new trader is most likely to rush into registration out of fear of missing out on an opportunity. These are typical psychological tricks employed by malicious scam artists.

Here’s a quote from another Binary Options authority blog:

“The claims by the alleged founder is simply not trustworthy and the explanation he gave about his NO LOSS IOP just does not work in reality. The unrealistic claims about becoming a millionaire just by using this system is also the main cause of innocent traders being scammed” – BinaryOptions-Sentinel 

Review Verdict: Insured Outcome App is a SCAM!

We have seen more than enough to label this system a scam and will be adding it to our blacklist of other fraudulent services that you should also avoid. For better alternatives to Insured Outcome, visit our Trusted Services section. We highly recommend the NEO² software as we have tested it extensively and are satisfied with the results. Michael Freeman, one of the people involved with the NEO2 is also an ex-mentor to many of us here at Binary Scam Review and we highly endorse his software as we know it will work well for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Insured Outcome Scam Review. We hope it has benefited you and saved you some money. Feel free to share this with your friends on social media to help prevent more people from losing money to this shady system. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave us a comment by filling out the simple form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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