Is Instant Cash Club a SCAM?! Honest Review on Jim Robinson!! Read.

Instant Cash Club – SCAM Busted!

The Instant Cash Club is a financial trading software which claims to help registered traders earn as much as $5000, every 8 hours! This might sound promising, but in the binary options trading industry, such earnings are unrealistic. No software or human can assure such huge sums of money and that too within just a few hours. This doesn’t happen in reality – it is possible only in a scammer’s world!

All we can say is that Jim Robinson has created quite a transparent scam. This software offers nothing but a set of false promises, misleading facts and lots of ways to drain out money from gullible traders. If you have even the slightest thought to invest your money in this trading software, we request you to go through our detailed Instant Cash Club Review, where we have exposed every detail about the scam.

instant cash club scam review

Who is Jim Robinson?

Jim Robinson is the man behind this software. Robinson along with Andrew Haines is known to have designed this software, which is claimed to help people earn money. However, during our Instant Cash Club Review research, we could not authenticate the identity of these two people. We could not find their social media profiles too which is surprising, considering the fact that they are the owners of such significant money making software.

We found that Jim Robinson is actually a fake profile or a character which is created to represent the owner of the software. No one actually exists by his name with said credentials. The person we see in the presentation video is just an actor, who is a part of the Instant Cash Club Scam and who is getting paid to talk about the video.

How Does Instant Cash Club Software work?

Jim Robinson in the presentation video does not actually mention how the system works or how it is able to make so much money. In our Instant Cash Club Review, we couldn’t find answers to many questions, which raised our suspicion about the scam. In the presentation video, the presenter simply talks about how money can be made easily and in a short time. We know this is a great trick of all scammers.

We found several proofs about Instant Cash Club Scam, misrepresentations, and lies– some of which are explained below.

Useless Promotional Video:

We started our Instant Cash Club Review by visiting the website, The promotional video starts playing and we get to hear a lot of fabricated and fictional things about this software. A lot of claims are made relating to everyday earnings, changing lifestyle and how easy it is making money using the software. However, we couldn’t verify any fact or thing which is said in the promotional video. Jim Robinson is the fake actor who is trying to prove a lot of things, but we found no truth behind his claims. We were only assured about Instant Cash Club Scam techniques and how well they have planned to steal money.

Website Design – Highly Suspicious:

Check out and you will agree that this is quite a poorly made website. It doesn’t seem to be made for such credible software, which can make millions. It’s quite natural to expect an informative, sophisticated and highly endorsed website. However, we found that the website lacks a good structure, adequate information and even contact information. jim robinson review

False Earnings Claim & Statements:

There are several false claims made which include a claim of earning as much as $250,000 every month. The binary trading industry is full of risks and assuring such a huge amount of money is absolutely impossible. Neither software nor human can earn such a high amount every month. Any software which promises such huge earnings is usually a scam. Even the best binary options systems that we have tested and endorse, do not make such ridiculous claims.

The website makes every effort to lure traders and to compel them into registering. Statements like – “964 People Are Now Watching This Video, But There Are Only 1 Membership Positions Left!” is a way to attract traders to hurry up and register. These false statements are made to create hype and invite quick registrations by trying to falsely increase the credibility of the software. In reality, there are probably less than 10 people watching the video at any given time.

Newly Launched Software:

In our Instant Cash Club Scam review, we found that the website was created on 20th September. It is just a few days old and has not been tested for months, as it is being claimed. The software and website is created just to cheat people and then vanish away quickly. Unfortunately, in just these few days several people have already lost their money.

False Claim on Availability:

It is claimed that the software is available in Google Play store or in Apple App Store and can be downloaded. This is an absolute lie, as though the icons indicate the availability, they are mere displays. The software is not available in the online Google Play store or Apple store. This is a clear indication of fabrication and misrepresentation to steal money.

No Contact Information:

Would you like to invest your money in software when you are not aware whom you are paying, or without knowing the physical address of the organization? No contact details is available in There are no contact numbers or email address provided. Thus, once you fund the account, you are not sure where your money is going and you have no contacts to get in touch with. This is a clear indication of Instant Cash Club Scam and that the creators have left no trace of themselves.

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Verdict – Is Instant Cash Club a SCAM?

Yes, this is a 100% scam!

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The Instant Cash Club is nothing but a scam trap! It is in no way related to the financial trading market. It is not any investment software or any financial program which can help you make money. The software has nothing to do with all that is said in its promotional video. The company does not exist, the owner’s identity couldn’t be verified, the claims are all false and there is no one to contact if you are in need. This is a clear indication of a scam company. Stay away from Instant Cash Club scam and help others know about it too!

If you are looking for a better alternative to get you started in the binary options trading industry, we highly recommend you give CodeFibo or NEO2 a try. They are our best-performing systems for the year 2016 and we are certain they will work well for you. Leave us a comment below with your thoughts regarding Instant Cash Club. We love hearing from our readers as it motivates us to continue exposing scams in the binary options industry in order to protect newer traders against them.

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