Ice 9 Technology Scam Review – 3 Undeniable Evidence!

Welcome to our Ice 9 Technology Scam Review! If you are on this page, you were most probably invited to try out the software but was skeptical about the legitimacy of its claims. It’s a good thing you decided to do some research before making any decisions to invest money into this fraudulent system. During our investigation, we discovered 3 undeniable evidence suggesting the Ice 9 Technology Software is a scam! We will be revealing our findings in this comprehensive review. By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear what the true intentions are of the people behind the Ice 9 Technology:

Ice 9 Technology Software Scam Review

Aaron Palmer, Ice 9 Technology

Official Website:

Ice 9 Technology Review

The Ice 9 Technology by Aaron Palmer and John Faraday portray itself as the best auto trading software to have hit the binary options market. In reality, it is nothing but a rip-off version of the industry leading auto trader, NEO² Software. During our investigation, we realized everything from the name, video presentation, and even storyline had an uncanny resemblance to the NEO². It was pretty obvious that the Ice 9 Technology Scam was attempting to piggyback off of the success the NEO² had. That does not automatically reduce them to scammers but read on to see what else we found:


Aaron Palmer and John Faraday claim to be the software developer and CEO of Ice 9 Technology. We looked high and low for these supposedly influential individuals but could not find a trace of them. It turns out these guys don’t even exist. They are both made up characters played by paid actors. The real producers behind this scam hired these guys to play out a fictional story line in attempts to deceive unsuspecting traders. Don’t take our word for it. The Ice 9 Technology guys admit it themselves in a well hidden fine print we discovered on their site. Here’s a screenshot:

Ice 9 Fake Identities

Ice 9 Tech Fine Print



The other thing we noticed on their website was a bunch of testimonials from people claiming to have had success with the auto trading app. They appear to be genuine and legitimate. Upon further investigation, we found out these testimonials were fabricated. The guys behind this fraudulent software shamelessly match random photos on the internet to self-written testimonials in order to further manipulate their visitors. Take Brett Androfsky’s testimonial, for example. We found the same image being used to represent multiple fake identities on Youtube. The image was most likely obtained from a stock photo website which is why so many people have access to it. This is not the first time we’ve seen something like this being done. The GPS Trader which is a recent scam we reviewed makes use of fabricated testimonials as well. This, however, is definitely one of the more genuine looking “fake testimonials” we’ve come across.

Ice 9 Technology Fabricated Testimonials

Ice 9 Fabricated Testimonials



The social media live feed is one of the Ice 9 Technology most outstanding features on their website. It draws a lot of attention to itself simply because the internet nowadays revolves mostly around social media. Having thousands of Facebook comments and Tweets on their website certainly looks very impressive and brings about a sense of confidence or security to their visitors.I’m sure you would have guessed by now that the social media “live feed” is also fraudulent. It’s merely an intelligent script that’s matching random photos to names, comments, and dates. We know this because none of the names are clickable. If they were genuine facebook comments/tweets, clicking on their names would bring us to their respective profiles. Their Twitter handle @Ice9Technology is non-existent. A simple search on twitter was all it took to verify this.

Ice 9 Technology Invalid Twitter Handle

Invalid Twitter Handle


Review Conclusion: Ice 9 Technology is a SCAM!

Any system that uses these many deceptive marketing tactics should definitely be avoided. The guys behind the Ice 9 Technology Software are just one of the many scammers looking to duplicate the success of the NEO2. Since it’s launch back in April, the software has received nothing but positive feedback from the Binary Options community.

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