Hoffman Stein Capital (Nexus App) Scam Review – Disgusting Lies!

The Nexus App by Hoffman Stein Capital is a new binary options SCAM! Disguised as an auto-trader, this app has robbed thousands of unsuspecting traders of their hard-earned money. Victims are lured into this trap by a seemingly high-quality video presentation filled with empty promises and ridiculous guarantees. After a short investigation, we discovered more than enough evidence to completely debunk this bogus software by Dr. Anthony Henderson. Read this review through to the end before deciding to invest money into this fraudulent application as we. We are certain you will change your outlook on the Nexus App by Hoffman Stein Capital!

Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App Scam Review

Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App Review

Upon visiting the Hoffmanstein.com website, we notice a bunch of fake countdown timers and an annoying pop-up that appears anytime we try to leave the website. These are big red flags to us as most scam services we review make use of these same deceptive tactics. The countdown on the pop-up says you have about 4 more minutes to register before your spot is lost while the one on the website says you have 8 minutes left. So which is true, do we have 4 or 9 minutes?

Turns out both of them are false. We waited for both countdowns to reach 00:00 and we were still able to fill in the details and register. They just want you to believe there are limited spots left to instil a sense of urgency in you. We advise you against giving them your details as they will bombard your inbox with spam. As for the pop-up, it almost seems as if they are begging you to stay. It doesn’t make sense why someone with such a great offer would need to beg people to stay around. Surely if the offer was that great, more than enough people would sign up. This raises more suspicion but it is still not enough to prove that Hoffman Stein Capital’s Nexus App by Dr. Anthony Henderson is a scam.

Nexus App Fake Countdown

Hoffman Stein Capital Scam Elements

The Nexus App promotional video is filled with images of big mansions, flashy sports cars, expensive holiday destinations, and luxurious lifestyles. These are things which most people dream of having and con artists know this. They try and tap into their victim’s core desires in order to hook them into the scam. Notice how most of the video is based on ambitions and claims of making you a millionaire, instead of the actual Nexus App product itself?

This is how scammers usually work. They do not have a valuable product to focus on so they distract you with psychological tricks instead. Apple wouldn’t sell you an iPhone with a video of your next holiday destination or a picture of a Lamborghini, they would talk about the functionality of their product. The scary part is that these tricks actually work. Thousands of people have already fallen victim to scams like these such as the GPS Trader, Alive in 5, and Lie Detector Millionaire.

Nexus App Fabricates Testimonials?

A couple of minutes into the Hoffman Stein Capital presentation video, a guy named Philip Peterson comes on to share his personal experience with using the Nexus App. The testimonial is a pretty convincing one as it appears to be genuine. Unfortunately, Philip never really used the software. He is just a Fiverr actor who is providing his “fake testimonial” service. Philip will say anything you want him to in front of a camera for a small $20 fee. It is not uncommon for scams nowadays to make use of services like these. While we are not against the idea of using actors, we definitely disagree when it is used to cheat innocent traders of their money.

Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App Fake Testimonials

Nexus App Fabricated Testimonials!

Hoffman Stein Capital Contradicting Claim?

 The final point we will be going over also happens to be the silliest one. Dr. Anthony Henderson claims that his Nexus App has been “certified” to have a 100% accuracy. This basically means his auto trading software is capable of winning every single trade without ever losing. This is by far the most ridiculous claim we have come across in our career reviewing binary options services! He does not even provide us with the necessary certification to back it up. He did, however, contradict himself in his own video presentation by showing us some of his trading results. The trade histories show a total of 6 trades placed out of which the Nexus App lost 4. That’s a terrible accuracy of 33%! These guys can’t even keep their lies consistent as was clearly demonstrated with the fake countdown timers as well. The Hoffman Stein Capital is clearly not a company you would want to trust your investments with.

Review Verdict: Hoffman Stein Capital’s Nexus App is a SCAM!!

It should be absolutely clear by now how this whole thing forms into a giant hoax! Binary Options is a lucrative and growing industry hence it attracts a lot of scammers. It is important that you avoid them should you wish to succeed in your journey of making an income online. We test and review binary options services daily and rely on positive user feedback and before endorsing a service. 99% of the services we review are blacklisted and only 1% actually make it to our Trusted Services list.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Hoffman Stein Capital Nexus App Scam Review. We hope it has benefited you in more ways that one. Feel free to share this on social media with your friends to help warn more people. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions/feedback or would like to report a scam.

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