High Frequency Trader Scam Review – Mr. Steve EXPOSED!!

High Frequency Trader – Fake Promises To Make Money At Great Speed

High Frequency Trader – does the name sound familiar?

This name is a copy of a trading method (high frequency trading) which has currently taken the online market by storm. The High Frequency Trader scam is trying to take advantage of a well-known trading method and using its name to win the confidence of traders. The software is being promoted as the most promising binary auto trading solution which has the ability to make earn traders thousands of dollars in hourly profits.

Just like all other scams, this is also being promoted through e-mails, trying to convince people about the quickest and assured way of making money. Highfrequencytrader.co is the automated robot website which has all information to  people. This website is richly loaded with misleading and false information. If you have already received the invitation, you need to read this High Frequency Trader Review and stay safe.

high frequency trader scam review

Mr. Steve – Who Is He?

Mr. Steve is the person behind the High Frequency Trader scam which is the latest auto trading system, ready to dupe people. Why does Mr. Steve not disclose his surname? This has raised many eyebrows, as why would he not disclose his identity? Perhaps, he is hiding his name so that he cannot be searched on social media or search engines. As an owner of this amazing software, why would he like to hide his identity?

He claims to be a High Frequency trader himself, but it is known that high frequency trading is executed by computer algorithms. There is no human involvement in the process, so how does Mr. Steve categorize himself as an expert high frequency trader? He probably isn’t sure what he’s talking about – in fact, no real, expert investor will speak like him. Research during our High Frequency Trader Scam has revealed that Steve is a paid actor from a popular website. He is simply stating in front of a camera what he has been paid to say.

He is not the owner – nor does he own High Frequency Trader. So, would you believe what he is saying?

Website with Misleading Information:

Now, checking the website, we find some weird facts. The website actually looks like a fancy site and does not look like a financial site. You will realize in no time that highfrequencytrader.co does not have any reliable information. There is no information about the company or its owner, Mr. Steve. The website is poorly made and includes a video and some fake endorsement batches which are of no use to the audience. You will not find any genuine SSL protection (fake logos are present) or any protection from viruses in the website.

Suspicious Video Presentation:

Just as in all other scam websites, High Frequency Trader also has a video presentation. This contains from cut scenes from the CBS News show, known as 60 minutes. You can easily find this video on YouTube. The video dates back to the year 2010 – this was the time when binary options were just developing and had started gaining slow popularity.

The video continues and we get to see Mr. Steve just in front of a green screen. This is unusual because Mr. Steve claims to be a wealthy man who shouldn’t represent himself in such a way.

mr. steve highfrequencytrader.co

Vague Promises:

  • $9, 838 in a day – Steve claims that traders, who hurry up, claim their free spot and as they open a trading account, they will be able to earn profits quickly. He goes on to say that traders can earn as much as $9, 838 in a day when they are using an autopilot mode. He claims that the auto trader never lost a trade. This is vague and not possible because no trading can assure a no-loss situation.

  • No Loss Guaranteed – Steve claims that the auto trader never lost a trade since it works faster than all others. He says zero loss is guaranteed. Every trading involves some sort of risk and loss can happen anytime.

Limited Spot Rush:

The audience is told that spots are limited and they need to rush to claim those spots. This is just another way to scam people and make them deposit their money quickly. They simply need quick sign-ups. This ‘rush’ or ‘hurry’ tactics are used by most scammers in a bid to get as many deposits as possible. You visit the website three days later and you will still learn that spots are filling up quickly and they are limited. They do not want to give you time to think or discuss or research because they know they are fake This is just a strategy to quickly get the money.

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Fake Testimonials:

There are many people testifying in support of the software, but remember just like Steve, they are all paid actors. You will notice that the testimonials are displayed starting accounts with a mere $250 and within just some seconds, their accounts are seen to rise, as much as to $9000. This is absolutely not possible, even when the real HFT system is used. It is not possible to profit so much in just a few seconds.

No Contact Details:

This is one of the most alarming facts, we found during our research. High Frequency Trader website does not have any contact details or address. How will traders get in touch with anyone when they need some support? What happens after a trader’s funds the account and notices nothing is happening?

There are no contact details because the software company does not actually exist. Would anyone trust a company which does not have any existence and no one to call or visit the address when in need? This further suggests that it may indeed be a scam.

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Verdict – Is High Frequency Trader A Scam?

This is a 100% scam software. All online reviews have already blacklisted this software as a scam.

High Frequency Trader is simply nothing but a scheme which is developed by a group of people, who have their website registered with a fake video. They are sending emails to drive people to make an investment with a vague promise and making them believe they are going to make thousands in a day. Stay away from this scam website and do not be fooled by everything which is being advertised or promoted. Before accepting any more shady offers in the future, be sure to refer to our scam list containing all the blacklisted scam services we have reviewed.

Stay safe!

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