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The Hedge Formula Group a.k.a. HFG is the latest binary options scam to go viral. Hundreds of people have already fallen victim to this malicious scam and the numbers are increasing dramatically! For this specific reason, we decided to thoroughly investigate the Hedge Formula Group. In this review, we will be exposing the shady details behind this fraudulent system. Please read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest with HFG as we are certain this will save you some money.

 Hedge Formula Group Hoax Review

Hedge Formula Group Overview

George Dalio the presenter and the alleged owner of the Hedge Formula Group tells us a long and winding story of how he became a millionaire and how he can make you one as well. George claims that his software, which is essentially a binary options auto trader, is “guaranteed” to make you at least 10 thousand a day or 1 million in a month on auto-pilot. George then goes on to contradict himself by saying his auto-trader has a 98% win rate but at the same time has never lost a single trade. You don’t have to be a math wiz to figure out a 98% win rate means you have actually lost some trades.

Whilst 98% is a still a ridiculously good win rate, it is virtually unheard of in the trading industry and raises suspicion. In our experience reviewing binary options services, most systems that promise a win rate of 90% or higher are usually fraudulent ones. Even the industry leading auto-traders that we endorse such as the NEO² Software boast an 80-85% win rate which is more than enough to keep traders profitable. 90-100% doesn’t exist and is only used to entice new unsuspecting traders into scams.

The Hedge Formula Group is apparently one of the biggest Hedge Funds in the USA, managing millions of dollars in retirement funds with the biggest banks in the world! These are bold claims to make for a fairly new company. A simple 5-minute search on Google is enough to debunk these bold claims as there is no evidence to be found which can verify these claims. The company doesn’t exist and even George Dalio himself isn’t a real person. He is just another actor paid for his services to be the face of this viral scam. Even the name is a rip-off from Ray Dalio, who is actually a hedge fund manager who manages the biggest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates.

HFG Fake Testimonials & Fabricated Trading Results

Notice the testimonials from George’s students claiming they have made millions over the last 12 months by using his software? Upon further investigation, we discovered that hedgeformula.co was only registered on the 5th of April 2016 which makes it only a month old. How can it be that his students have been profiting for 12 months when the software was only registered 1 month ago? These are nothing but fake testimonials from paid Fiverr actors. We even recognize one of them from a previous scam we reviewed called the Gold Mine Director:

Hedge Formula Group Paid Testimonials

Same Actors in 2 Different Scams!


If that’s not bad enough, wait till you see the fabricated trading results which are located on the next page after entering your personal details. Do not give them any of your personal details as they will continue to bombard you with spammy e-mails promoting fraudulent systems in attempts to scam you out of your money. We’ve explored the next page for you so you don’t have to. Every trader knows that the financial markets are closed on the weekends. This makes trading then impossible.

Yet, the Hedge Formula Group page displays “Live Trading Results” on the 7th of May which is a Saturday. How are they trading and getting results when the financial markets are closed? This is obviously just an intelligent script that’s matching random numbers and results to asset pairs in attempts to deceive less experienced traders. This is not the first time we’ve seen this trick being used by scam artists. The Alive in 5 and Safe Cash systems also make use of this deceptive script.

Hedge Formula Group Fabricated Live Trades Results

HFG Fake Results

Review Verdict: Hedge Formula Group is a SCAM!

Any system that employs these many deceptive marketing tactics should most definitely be avoided. We conclude this review by labeling the Hedge Formula Group by George Dalio a SCAM and will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services. We are in no way discouraging you from trading binary options as we believe it is a growing and highly lucrative industry for anyone looking to make an income online. However, there are better alternatives to help you with that than the HFG. Visit our recommended services section for an updated list of trusted signal services we have tested and recommend.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Hedge Formula Group Scam Review. We hope it has benefited you in more ways than one. Feel free to share this with your friends on social media to prevent more people falling victim to this viral scam. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or feedback and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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