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Welcome to our Greenwood Formula Scam Review! You are probably on this page because you received a “special invite” to try out this new piece of software. Like most sensible people, you were skeptical about the legitimacy of its claims and decided to do some research. It’s a good thing you ended up here as we have thoroughly investigated this suspicious system for you.

By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear what the true intentions are of the people behind this shady offer. During our investigation, we found convincing pieces of evidence to suggest the Greenwood Formula is indeed a scam! Read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest with them:

Greenwood Formula Scam Review

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Greenwood Formula Review

Jake from Greenwood Formula claims he is able to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days. He is even going to walk you through this whole process and should you fail, he will give you $10,000 out of his own pocket as a token of appreciation. Sound too good to be true? That’s probably because it IS! Financially speaking, his offer makes no sense whatsoever. There is nothing in it for him. This isn’t the first time we’ve come across an offer like this. It’s a common tactic used by most scam artists we review. They all promise to give you money or make you rich but at the end of the day, they are the only ones getting richer. Never trust anyone who says they will pay you to help you. It’s a recipe for disaster.

We found it highly suspicious how Jake doesn’t even properly introduce himself to us. We have no idea what his second name or background is. He introduced us to his beautiful wife, his big mansions, luxurious cars and expensive champagnes, but nothing about himself. While doing this, he tells us a long and winded story of how he’s going to make a handful of lucky people filthy “rich”. It’s almost as if he was trying to brainwash us. The whole presentation takes about 15-20 minutes to complete when it could have easily been done in 2-3 minutes if he were to skip the bullshit and go straight to the point. Instead, he repeats “100% free, put your wallet away, and I’m not selling you anything” at least 10 times. Whenever someone repeats those words that many times it seems very fishy and usually means they’re about to contradict themselves.

Greenwood Formula Software Scam Review

Greenwood Formula Fancy Distractions

Greenwood Formula Scam Findings

In the presentation video, Jake clearly states that there are only 20 spots remaining for his Greenwood Formula Software. We know for a fact this isn’t true. It’s just another deceptive sales tactic employed by these con-artists. By telling someone spots are limited, it instills a sense of urgency in them and usually causes them to act irrationally out of the fear of losing out.Why would anyone create a whole 15-minute video while rotating between different outfits and locations just to recruit 20 people? Surely it makes more sense for them to just approach family/friends or even strangers on the street. It shouldn’t be too hard to find volunteers when you’re “giving away money”. For the sake of this investigation, we got 20 people to sign up and guess what? They still claim to have 20 spots remaining.

If that’s not bad enough, the scammers behind the Greenwood Formula also make use of fabricated testimonials. They merely steal images of people from the internet, assign a random name to them, and match it with fictional numbers to be more convincing. Steven Eertrum who supposedly made $700,000 is actually Tom Coquereau, a front-end architect at Viadeo in Paris who probably hasn’t even heard about Greenwood Formula. This is another very common scam tactic scammers like to use. It gets sickening after a while.

Greenwod Formula Fabricated Testimonials

Even the bank account balances and trading histories you see are all forged. That’s not all, Jake isn’t really the person who came up with this system, he is merely a paid actor. That’s not his wife, those cars and homes are rentals. The real scammers behind this fraudulent system hired these services for the sole intention of defrauding.

Review Conclusion: Greenwood Formula is a SCAM!

Binary Options is an extremely lucrative and growing industry, and we strongly believe it is the future of trading. The Greenwood Formula may have turned out to be a scam but do not be too discouraged. There are other much better alternatives to help you on your journey to make an income online. Check out our recommended services section. We review and test binary options services frequently and rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a service/system.

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