Globe Traders Scam Review – PROOF It’s a HOAX!!

Globe Traders is one of the newest binary options trading scams to hit the market! It is heavily marketed globally and is proving to be a real threat to the industry. Thousands of innocent investors worldwide have fallen victim to this massive scam. This includes some of our loyal subscribers. For this reason, we have conducted an in-depth investigation of this software and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive review. Please read this review through to the end as we will be providing concrete evidence that will leave no doubts that the Globe Traders Software is a giant Scam!

Globe Traders Scam Review

Is Globe Traders a SCAM or LEGIT?

George Porter and his team of malicious scam artists use a ton of deceptive sales tactics to trick new traders into signing up with them. Let us investigate some of the different scam-like elements found in the presentation video before completely debunking them. George Porter, the alleged founder and president of GlobeTraders claim that he owns a “high-end investment firm with an exclusive clientele which runs on an invite-only policy”, and also happens to be fully registered.

It’s funny how they mention it is registered, yet provide ZERO information about the company, registration number, or even location. They are clearly not registered. We did a background check on the company only to find zero evidence of its existence. The only things we found were more negative reviews. A simple search on their domain,, indicates that their website is only around a month old. It is obvious that the GlobeTraders are a new and unregistered company attempting to deceive unsuspecting traders.

George Porter himself is likely a made up character. Background checks bring back no links to a George Porter linked to binary options or investment firms. This explains why we were presented with a voice-over presentation instead of introducing us to “George Porter” himself or even a picture of him. It is common for most shams to use voice overs or paid actors. They want their real identities to remain hidden so as to avoid repercussions down the road when they inevitably get busted.

Even the picture of their office is fake. It is stolen from an internationally-recognized intellectual property Law Firm called A. Martini & Co.

Globe Traders Fake Office

Fabricated Office Image

Would you really trust a company that uses this many tricks to persuade future clients? We’ve reviewed a ton of similar services claiming to be able to make you a lot of money over a short duration of time, using these same deceptive marketing tactics. Such as the Money Glitch, GPS Trader, and Hedge Formula, which all turned out to be hoaxes. Trading Binary Options is a very lucrative field which has the potential to make investors/traders a lot of money. This is what encourages fraudsters to tap into that channel in hopes of making a quick buck. It is important to distinguish the reliable ones from the many scams. We will recommend a few trusted services which do work at the end of this review, but carry on reading to uncover the other manipulative tricks used by the Globe Traders App!

Globe Traders False Statements and Fake Auto-Trader?

Remember Globe Traders claim that they were apparently forced to recruit “39 new members due to new regulations approved on the 1st of January to fight scam brokers and scam exchange officers”? Turns out that is a lie as well. We searched high and low for new laws passed on that date in relation to fighting fraud but could not find any. No such regulation was passed anywhere on this planet on that particular date. This is another false statement made in attempts to seem believable. The only reason they mention there are 39 spots left is so that you jump on the opportunity without thinking rationally about it. They want you to feel lucky that they have opened up their doors to a select few when in reality, millions of people around the world have been presented the same exact opportunity via e-mail. So much for having an “invite-only policy” or “word of mouth advertising”.

We could keep going on about the many other filthy tactics used by Globe Traders to con new day traders but unfortunately, we have limited time. We’ll go over one last trick before concluding our review and we’ve saved the dirtiest one for last! Remember the $50 George promised to give you to test out his “patented algorithms”? You will receive that on their next page after entering your e-mail address but, we strongly discourage you from doing that as you will be bombarded with spam in the future. We’ve done it for you and guess what we found?

The $50 and the auto-trader on the next page that’s for your testing, is FAKE as well! This couldn’t be more obvious to anyone with a little bit of experience but we can see how brand new traders have been fooled. There are no equity pairs, strike rates, expiration times or accurate prices. It’s basically a chart moving up and down, running on a script that increases your “account balance” every couple of seconds. It doesn’t get any worse than this!


Fake Algorithm Checker

Fake Auto-Trader


Review Verdict: Globe Traders is a giant SCAM!

It should be pretty obvious by now. We have added the Globe Traders to our blacklisted services page and strongly encourage you to avoid them. However, do not be too discouraged. There are better alternatives that can help you in your journey to make an income online, such as the NEO2We regularly test binary options services and rely on positive user feedback before endorsing any system. We maintain a high standard of expectation. Hence, the NEO2 is only the 2nd service we have ever endorsed in our reviewing career. You will find nothing but positive feedback from the online community about it!

Comprehensive NEO² Software Review by the Binary Scam Review Team.

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BSR’s Trusted Services List! Regularly Updated!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Globe Traders Scam Review. We hope it helps you spot future scams and also save you some money. Feel free to share this on social media to raise awareness and help prevent people from falling victim to this malicious scam. Do subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest scams! Should you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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