Gemini 2 Review – Is Gemini 2 a SCAM by Brandon Lewis? Evidence Here

Gemini 2 Scam Software – WARNING! Stay Away or Lose All Your Money

Gemini 2 Software is the latest auto trader with riveting popularity! This software is now going viral with email marketing and other promotional tactics. It is generating a lot of interest from investors, who are showing a keen interest in this program.

But, Hold on! Is this a SCAM?

geminie 2 scam review

Some of our subscribers have already reported how they lost money to Gemini 2. Just Google and you will find scores of people complaining about the fraud software. Our initial research on the Gemini 2 scam yielded some dangerous facts and so we decided to review further for the benefit of everyone. We found that Gemini 2 is just another version of Amissio Formula, which is a scam we previously reviewed. This website and the software does not exist anymore after duping several people. Sadly, this is a red flag for anyone who is even a bit interested in Gemini 2. Read our complete Gemini 2 Review and save your money.

Let us get into every detail about this scam software. Gemini 2 Software is created by Brandon Lewis, with the intention of committing a fraud.

Who is Brandon Lewis?

If you have watched the presentation video in, you will notice Brandon Lewis, claims to be the CEO and owner of Gemini Holdings. Gemini Holdings is said to be an investment firm which is closely related to the binary options market. It has been known to be creating several successful trading tools since years. The owner, Mr. Lewis, claims to be a top Engineer at Google. However, during our Gemini 2 Review, we failed to verify his identity. We could not find any matching results of this top engineer from Google. We wonder why such a man of repute, a CEO and an owner of such a big company does not have any social media/online presence?

The answer is simple – the person we see in the video presentation is a hired actor. He is being paid for what he is saying. He is no way related to Gemini 2 or Gemini Holdings.

How Does Gemini 2 Work?

Following the video presentation, we learn that Gemini 2 software uses an innovative automated trading tool. This tool can actually predict winning trades with 100% accuracy. It does not lose even a single trade. In other words, this is a no loss trading software. This is an impossible claim and beyond this, there is no information on how the software will work. It is a known fact that even the best performing binary options systems in the industry can only maintain an average accuracy of 80% (which is more than enough to remain profitable).

Fake Company & Earnings:

We tried to find out more about Gemini 2 Holdings. We were able to locate the company and its owner too in Silicon Valley. However, we found that this company was in no way related to binary trade or Brandon Lewis. The name of the company has been simply used to fool traders, in a bid to make them believe about the existence of the company.

gemini 2 brandon lewis

The website ( is full of false claims and promises. Brandon claims that in its total auto-pilot mode, the software will be able to generate more than $12K in a day. This is an impossible figure. No software or human can actually earn this much amount of money in a day,

Misleading/ False Facts:

We also found that Brandon claims that trading will take place 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day. This is absolutely false and misleading. The stock markets run for only 5 days a week ( Monday to Friday). They are closed on weekends. How can trading take place when the markets are closed? This is clearly another deception

No Withdrawals:

This is another big proof of a Gemini 2 scam. ‘Fast withdrawals’ is another fake feature of the website. It is explained that just as a trader pushes the withdrawal button, money gets instantly wired into the individual’s bank account. This is not as easy as it is explained. This is simply a ploy to attract newbies. Our Gemini 2 Review research reveals that there is actually no contract between the bankers and Gemini 2 software. So, remember once you deposit your money, you lose it forever.

Fake Testimonials:

Check out all “winners”who are known to have made thousands of dollars using the software. The reality is, these people are all actors. They are ready to promote any kind of product for money. You will notice that same fake checks are used which were previously used for promoting another fake software.

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Verdict – Is Gemini 2 a Scam?

Yes, it is 100% scam software.

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This software is created by a non-existent Brandon Lewis and is full of false promises. This is just an improved and newer version of a previous auto trader. It is now presented with same old scam tactics and promises of an unattainable amount of profits. It is full of false claims, statements, testimonials, and reviews. No information provided nor the identity of anyone associated with the software could be verified. We have exposed every detail of this fake app in our detailed Gemini 2 Review. There are hundreds of complaints already registered against the fake App. Do NOT invest your hard earned money in this scam software, because you will lose it all in a few minutes.

Looking for better alternatives? Check out our recommended services section! Our top pick for this month is NEO2 as well as CodeFibo.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Gemini 2 scam review. We hope it has benefited you in some way. Let us know in the comment section below what your thoughts are regarding Gemini 2. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond to each and everyone. You can contact us at for all other inquiries. Trade safe!

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