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Freedom Circle is a new SCAM by Kyle Stanford that promotes itself as the “only done for you money-making system”. It is essentially a new binary options auto trading software that guarantees to make its users millionaires very quickly. Since its launch, it has been receiving negative feedback from the binary options community. For this reason, we made the decision to investigate the Freedom Circle scam a little more.  We will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive Freedom Circle review. Be sure to read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest into this fraudulent software. You will thank us later.

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Freedom Circle Review Scam

Freedom Circle Review

Kyle Stanford is the developer and owner of the Freedom Circle scam. Kyle Stanford claims to be an Economics professor who used to lecture at Yale University. Apparently, this is what gave him the knowledge and experience needed to develop a ‘cutting edge’ auto trading system, such as the Freedom Circle software. It is unclear to us why Kyle Stanford choose not to appear in the video presentation, we are only shown a small picture of him. The voice narrator from the Freedom Circle presentation video claims to be Kyle Stanford but we have no way of actually verifying this. Why does Kyle Stanford choose to be so anonymous?

As it turns out, Kyle Stanford from Freedom Circle isn’t really who he claims to be. We managed to trace his photo back to a stock photo provider’s website. A stock photo provider basically allows anyone to purchase the rights to use images of their models without legal/copyright issues. Why would the owner of a ‘legitimate software’ that is capable of producing millionaires misrepresent stock photo models as himself? At this point, it’s pretty safe to assume that the narrator  is a paid voice actor and not Kyle Stanford himself. We only just started our Freedom Circle scam review and it’s already not looking good for them.

Freedom Circle Kyle Stanford

Is Freedom Circle a SCAM?

It more than likely is a scam! The Freedom Circle software works on the concept of ‘exploiting loopholes’ in the financial markets. They  claim to know of a very profitable loophole that has produced 178 millionaires in the last month. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing such outrageous claims. Many other fraudulent systems we review make the same exact claim. This is because the idea of abusing loopholes for profits is an extremely appealing one. Everyone wants a shortcut to success and the crooks behind the Freedom Circle Scam know this. The truth of the matter is that loopholes only appear once in a blue moon and they get fixed quickly. It’s ridiculous how the scammers behind Freedom Circle expect us to believe that they have one that will last months/years. If that’s not bad enough, wait till you see what else we discovered during our investigation.

Remember the testimonials from 4 different Freedom Circle members who apparently had a lot of success with the software? They appear about 1 minute into the introduction video and claim to be making thousands of dollars in daily profits with the Freedom Circle scam. Unfortunately for us, none of these testimonials are legitimate. They are all fake. We recognized 2 of the ‘successful members’ from previous scams we reviewed. They are basically Fiverr actors who sell fake testimonial and review services for as little as $5. These actors will say anything you want them to in front of a camera for a small fee. It is common for scam artists to purchase their services to trick newbie traders into thinking they are legitimate.

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Freedom Circly Software Review Fake Countdown & Trading Histories?

As soon as you access the website a 15:00 minute countdown begins. According to the fraudsters behind the Freedom Circle scam, once the countdown is over, the offer expires. You will not be able to sign up for the Freedom Circle software ever again. Like most of the statements made by ‘Kyle Stanford’, these are not true either. We intentionally waited for the fake countdown to hit zero before registering. Guess what? Our registration got accepted. We even left the page and accessed it hours later and we’re still granted access to registration. They want you to believe the offer is ‘exclusive’ and for a limited time only so that you quickly sign up without thinking it through properly. We can only assume you didn’t fall for this trick since you are here reading this review.

To make matters worse for the Freedom Circle scam, we notice their live demo isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Kyle Stanford demonstrates that the auto trader performs 3 trades in its first 30 minutes, which it wins. The auto trader then runs for another hour in which it wins 6 more trades. What they’re trying to show you is that the Freedom Circle software won 9 trades in a row in just 1.5 hours. Upon examining the trade histories a little closer, we notice that this isn’t remotely true. The time stamps for the trades range from 04:00 – 12:30 meaning it actually took around 8 hours to win that many trades. It is very likely that they edited the trade history to exclude all the losing trades to trick traders into thinking the software is profitable.

Freedom Circle Scam Review

Review Conclusion: Freedom Circle is a SCAM!

From made up identities, paid testimonials, fake countdowns, and fabricated trade results, we’ve seen more than enough to label the Freedom Circle as a massive scam! We will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services. Please refer to our blacklist in the future before investing into any suspicious get-rich-quick scheme. We test and review binary options services on a daily basis to stay updated with the latest scams as well as the legitimate services. Sadly, 95% of the services we test are scams like the Freedom Circle while only 5% are legitimate.

For those of you looking to get started with binary options, please visit our recommended services section. The services we endorse have been tested for weeks and we know they will work well for you. However, they won’t make you a millionaire overnight like most scams claim they can. How much money you make depends on how much you invest but we always recommend our readers start with the MINIMUM DEPOSIT. Never invest more until you’re tried the system out and are happy with your progress.

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