Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review – Pathetic Fraud!

Free Money Guaranteed Software is a blatant scam! It is nothing more than a money-making scheme designed to rip-off new unsuspecting traders. If you were considering investing in this fraudulent system, this review will definitely change your mind. We will be exposing this scam by providing you with some hard evidence gathered from our audit of this system. Do not make any decisions before first going through our investigation or you might regret later:

Official Scam Website: FreeMoneyGuaranteed.Com

Free Money Guaranteed Fraud Review

Free Money Guaranteed Review

If you watched the Free Money Guaranteed video presentation, you would have been introduced to Robert Anderson and his so-called wife. They’re in a limousine heading back to their mansion so that they can pack and shoot off to Hawaii for their anniversary. Robert claims that his Free Money Guaranteed Software which is an automatic trading system is “guaranteed” to make you half a million dollars every month. He also claims that this software has been featured in world-renowned financial magazines like Bloomberg and Guardian. Funny we couldn’t find a trace of this million dollar money-making system in any of these magazines.  He then goes on to assure you that if you don’t make half a million dollars in a month, he will personally wire you $100,000 out of his own pocket. All you have to do is make a minimum deposit of $250 with a broker Robert recommends. Let’s get back to reality for a bit.

Nowhere on this planet will you find an opportunity that “guarantees” you 6 million dollars a year, with an insurance of $100,000 should you fail. This whole thing is a complete hoax! If there was ever such a system to exist, it wouldn’t be featured on just Bloomberg or Guardian. It would be featured in every newspaper, commercial and magazine that is out there! This is just common sense. For the sake of completely debunking this system, we investigated further:

Free Money Guaranteed Scam Facts

Robert Anderson from the Free Money Guaranteed system isn’t a real person. He’s actually a made up character played by a paid actor. So is his wife. Our background checks on Robert Anderson came back with zero results that match. We even checked Google, Facebook, and Linkedin. No mention of a Robert Anderson, millionaire binary options trader and former “New York Hedge Fund” manager. Someone with credentials like that would most definitely have some sort of online/social media presence. All this just doesn’t add up.

The mansion you see in the video doesn’t belong to him. It’s one of those rented mansions that anyone with a big enough budget can shoot a video or scene in. We know this because a system we recently reviewed, Your Legacy Club, used the exact same mansion to shoot a video. That system was a scam too and we have reason to believe the 2 were produced by the same group of people considering they share many similar elements. These guys are so lazy they couldn’t even look for a different set to shoot their video in… or maybe they just underestimate our intelligence.

Free Money Guaranteed Hoax

It’s pretty obvious from the image that they are indeed the same mansion. From the fireplace to the arrangement and even the furniture.

Fake Countdowns, Spots Left, and Testimonials

The countdown timers and “7 spots left” you see on their site are 100% fake. They are meant to instill a sense of urgency in you so that you react quickly without thinking rationally. These are typical psychological tricks employed by scam artists to extort people. By saying there are only 7 spots left and 20 minutes for you to decide, they are eliminating time for you to conduct proper research before making an informed decision. Hundreds of people have already signed up and fallen victim to this scam yet it still says “7 spots left”. You can visit the site again next week and it will still say the same thing.

The testimonials from Casey McDaniel, Jordan Washington, and Ben Leitzel are also 100% fake. They are paid testimonials which can easily be purchased from sites like this. There are a lot of other deceptive strategies employed by the people behind Free Money Guaranteed, such as the fake account balance screenshots. But we feel we’ve gone through enough.

Free Money Guaranteed Fake Countdown

Review Verdict: Fake Money Guaranteed is a SCAM!

We have seen more than enough to label this as a scam and will be adding this to our Blacklist. There should be absolutely no doubt by now that this system is a hoax. This doesn’t mean that every binary options app or software is a scam, there are some legitimate software. Like the Copy Buffett Software. While Copy Buffet is capable of making you a lot of money, it most definitely won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Read the full Copy Buffet review here.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review. We sincerely hope you found it useful. If you have any inquiries or feedback, feel free leave us a comment below. You can also contact us here. We do our best to respond to all inquiries and feedback within 24 hours.

Trade safe,

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