Is FinTech Limited a SCAM? 100% HONEST FinTech LTD Review!

Have you received a mail from FinTech – sounds convincing?

Before you respond to the email, go through our unbiased Fin Tech review. We have reason to believe it is a dangerous scam which is definitely not going to help you earn profits. It is designed to cheat people and steals their money. Read our review carefully, as we have all the evidence which proves that FinTech Ltd is a scam company. Stay away from it!

FinTech Limited Scam review

How Does FinTech Limited Software Work?

Daniel Roberts, the alleged CEO lamely explains the working of the software. He explains that FinTech Limited creates multiple trades on the binary options market. If you are an industry expert you will ask – How? When? Why? And just is the case of all other scam software, you are not going to get any answer. If you are well versed with the binary market, you will know that the auto traders work with some algorithms. These algorithms are made to predict the price behaviour in financial markets. So, how does the issue of copying arise?

Daniel Roberts –  Fake Owner?

As we set out to get facts to prove FinTech scam, we found the alleged software owner or CEO – Daniel Roberts. Well – he is just another hired actor who is doing what he is told to. He claims to be the person behind the software, but in reality, he has nothing to do with it. His job is to promote this scam service and lure people to sign up. He is not to be trusted.

If you watch the presentation video, you will be surprised by a laid back attitude of Daniel Roberts. He believes everything is so simple in the binary industry, which is far from true. Auto trading or binary options industry is certainly not the simplest industry. It is a lot of data analysis and algorithm which is not possible by any layman.

Overnight Millionaire – Really?

It is claimed that FinTech Limited can help traders earn as much as $875 in an hour. This is totally impossible. This figure is absolutely impossible to achieve – how to scammers even think of proposing such a huge amount?

We all wish to become rich, we are always looking out for further ways to make money and this is what scammers are taking advantage of. They just promise what people dream of – that is a part of their strategy. The fact remains that there is actually no software which can generate this much money, in such a short time and in the binary options market.

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A created ‘URGENCY’

The scammers do not have any intention to help you make money. They know this is not possible. All that they want is registrations in Their website reads “Join FinTech TODAY and Profit TONIGHT’’ – so, it’s a promise to help you become a millionaire overnight. This is something which no one should believe. FinTech system is a fraud company and as soon as you deposit your money, they will all disappear.

FinTech Ltd

The Website – Misleading Information

Check out fintech-ltd.comtheir fraudulent website. You will notice that the company was registered in January 2016, but Mr. Robert says that the company is running successfully for last 18 months.

He claims that the more number of people trade with the website, the better the accuracy gets. This means more registrations and more chances of winning. This is all too confusing and misleading for anything. There are no proofs too which will validate the truth.

If you watch the presentation, you will notice Ferrari’s driving past one mansion. Just check out the number plate “Red Travel” – do you know that this is a popular car hire company? The company lends out their sports cars for a day to anyone who wishes to drive the car. This is all in return of money. Why would a millionaire use hired cars for promoting his software?

Non-Existent Company:

You heard a lot about the company, now its time to know the exact facts. FinTech Ltd, doesn’t actually exist – isn’t that a proof enough? There is neither address of the company nor any contact details. The owners are well aware of the scam system and fear being arrested. This is why, they have ensured that no one can reach out to them, once the money is lost. If you wish to file a case also, you wouldn’t be able to because you have no contact details to file a case against.

False Testimonials:

If you visit their website, you will notice a number of testimonials. They look good and are quite convincing too, but during our review we did not find any positive customer review on any third party site. Research further revealed that these testimonials are fake and are made with the aim of endorsing the software. All paid actors are lending out their names here. They shouldn’t be believed at all.

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Verdict – Is FinTech Ltd a Scam?

Yes, this is an absolute scam and there are plenty of reasons to prove it, as you read above.

  • Promises are vague and unrealistic

  • Stories are nicely created

  • The software owner is an actor, seen in other scam videos

  • The company is non-existent

  • Testimonies are all fake and useless.

Just stay away from this software because this is the way to lose your money really quickly. If you receive any such emails in future, simply delete them and save yourself from becoming a victim of this scam software. We will be adding FinTech Ltd to our list of blacklisted services along with all the other scams we have reviewed. We work hard to keep our blacklist updated so as to save our readers from the degrading experience of getting scammed.

95% of the services we review end up as scams while only 5% make it to our recommended services list. We rely on positive user feedback as well as testing before endorsing a system. If you are looking for a legitimate system to get you started in the world of binary options trading, visit our recommended services section. We personally use these systems ourselves and are certain they will suit your needs well. Trade safe!

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