Fast Cash Club Review – SCAM or Legit Software?

Does the possibility of making $3000 a day intrigue you? Do you believe Fast Cash Club can quickly turn around your financial situation? If you answered yes to at least one of them, you’ve come to the right place. This review was written specifically for you.

Fast Cash Club is being widely promoted online and through e-mails, as a new trading software which will change your financial status in just a few days. People are being lured to invest their money and earn as much as $3000 in a day. The scam software has already claimed its many victims who quickly deposited their money in hopes of becoming rich. Do not be it’s next victim! Go through our Fast Cash Club review to understand how easily people are getting scammed.

fast cash club scam review

Official Scam Site:

What is Fast Cash Club?

Fast Cash Club is basically a binary options auto trading app that is capable of trading for its users on 100% autopilot. It is being promoted as the only system which can produce more than 100 quality signals in a single day. Traders are projected to earn $3,000 in daily profits from Aaron Martin’s magical system since it has a 98% prediction accuracy. Well – this isn’t the first time we’ve heard such ridiculous claims.

Most scams claim that their magical robots have a win rate close to 100% in order to hook/lure their victims in. Even the most legitimate binary options auto traders are only able to maintain a win rate of around 70-85% (which is sufficient to be profitable). Fast Cash Club claims to be executing trades in a second. But the question arises – How? No one has any answers. There is no evidence available to support this statement too.

Who is Aaron Martin?

Aaron Martin is the owner of Fast Cash Club scam. He claims to be a millionaire who makes money really quickly with his trading robot. That is not all – he claims to have worked with Google before creating this money-minting trading robot. If that is true, why doesn’t anyone know him? Why can’t his identity be proven on social media, or why doesn’t Google return any results when his name is searched?

During our review process, we discovered that Aaron Martin is actually just a paid actor. He is also known as Ivannicholo on For as little as $5 Ivan will read and record any script you give him.

Risk-Free Trading – Really possible?

Is risk-free trading actually possible? No!

The website claims that users shall have a success rate of 98% when they use the software. They also mention that it is 100% risk-free! How can this be possible? Even if the software has a 98% success rate, there’s still a 2% chance of failure. While not much, it is still SOME risk. How can they go on to claim it is 100% risk-free. Contradictory statements like these are worrying and unprofessional. They are also usually an early indicator of fraud in the scam reviewing process.

Fast Cash Club Aaron Martin

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No Transparency:

Traders are being asked to invest money and make huge profits, but there is zero transparency on the part of

  • No one knows how the software works.

  • Very little information is available on their social media page.

  • No proof of winning trades.

  • Poor response from staff.

Inconsistencies and Fake Information:

If you have visited, you will know that the social media page is full of inconsistencies and missing information. The page is a complete hoax which has been created to steal money. There are several images which are probably stolen, there are many fake testimonials and several social profiles which are fake too. Inflated bank accounts are being shown as an evidence of money earned.

False Deadlines:

This is a pressure tactic which is used by most scam websites. They urge you to sign up right now, emphasize there are only 10 spots left, or today is the last day for registration. Fast Cash Club Website was to be pulled down by 1st August 2016 but nothing has happened yet. The website is still encouraging people to sign-up and will perhaps continue to do so. So, why is there such a hurry and false deadline? Is it just to lure people to submit their money as soon as they can?

Review Verdict: Is Fast Cash Club a Scam?

Fast Cash Club Software is a scam and Mr. Aaron Martin, its fake presenter is a hired cheater. This auto-trader is made to steal money intentionally. There is no evidence to prove that it is genuine software. It is just a bunch of promises just like all other scams without any logic. This is unrealistic profit, which will never happen. For these reasons, we have added them to our list of blacklisted services. So stay away and alert everyone not to make an investment in this scam auto-trader.

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Do not be too discouraged, there are better alternatives for you to explore. Binary options trading has seen an exponential growth in popularity within the last year alone, and for good reason. It’s a lot less risky compared to other forms of trading and has the potential to earn traders/investors a lot of money. However, it won’t make you a millionaire overnight like what most scam services claim. It is important that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before investing your hard earned money. Don’t forget to check back with our blacklist in the future before you sign up with any system. Thank you for reading this Fast Cash Club review. We wish you all the best!

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