Easy Wealth Creator Review – Coffee Cash Cheat SCAM!

Easy Wealth Creator by Sean Willow is a relaunch of the old Coffee Cash Cheat SCAM which we reviewed back in 2015. These money-hungry con artists were so lazy, they changed only the name while everything else remains the same. Disguised as a binary options auto trader, this piece of software’s sole purpose is to rob new unsuspecting traders of their hard earned money. We received a ton of reports from newbie traders who have had their trading account balances wiped out from using the Easy Wealth Creator (Coffee Cash Cheat) system. Read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money into this shady system. By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear how Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat forms into a giant Scam!

Easy Wealth Creator  (Coffee Cash Cheat) Scam

Easy Wealth Creator Coffee Cash Cheat Sean Willows

Let’s begin this review by investigating the alleged developer and ‘multi-millionaire’ con artist, Sean Willows, owner of Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat. We are led to believe the narrative voice actor dictating the introduction video is Sean Willows himself. We have no way of verifying this since Sean does not reveal himself to us in the video, except for a 2-second depiction of the photo above. In our experience reviewing scams, we realize most fraudsters don’t actually use images of themselves. They want to remain hidden so as to avoid criminal charges down the road when they eventually get busted. It turns out Easy Wealth Creator is no different. The photo above was stolen from a Polish actor named Daniel OlbrychskiWhy would they use a picture of a famous actor? Clearly, these guys are not very bright.

The actual system being marketed here is Coffee Cash Cheat. Easy Wealth creator is just an attempt at rebranding an older scam. Notice how there is no mention of Easy Wealth Creator anywhere in the introduction video? The name isn’t the only thing that is inconsistent here. Even their ‘guarantees’ and ‘promises’ do not match. In the video, Sean guarantees you will make at least $5,000 a day with the Coffee Cash Cheat system. In the ‘Guarantee Certification’ however, it states you are guaranteed to make $13,874 daily. So which is it? Are we guaranteed to make five thousand dollars or thirteen thousand dollars? Inconsistencies like these should raise a big red flag as it is usually an indication of foul play. Liars tend to make inconsistent statements since they can’t keep track of all their lies/made up figures.

Easy Wealth Creator Fabricated Testimonials

Easy Wealth Creator Coffee Cash Cheat Fake Testimonials

Recognize this guy? He appears at the beginning of the introduction video with his testimonial of success with the Coffee Cash Cheat. In reality, this guy is just a paid Fiverr actor named John Mayo. Fiverr is a marketplace favored by dishonest companies for acquiring marketing services. We recognized him immediately from a bunch of different scams we reviewed in the past. He seems to be a favorite among scam artists but don’t let his poor acting skills deceive you. John will say anything you want him to in front of a camera for a minimum fee of $5. We do not recognize people from the other testimonials but it’s safe to assume they were paid too. Would you really trust Easy Wealth Creator when they make use of stolen identities and fabricated testimonials?

Coffee Cash Cheat Fraud?

The sales hook behind the Coffee Cash Cheat is the rapid growth in production and consumption of coffee. However, that has nothing to do with this money-making scheme and is merely a statement that is meant to grab your attention, lower your guard, and fake legitimacy. The Coffee Cash Cheat system supposedly has an extremely high accuracy because it only trades a single commodity, which is coffee. It generates more than 200 trades a day and maintains a high win rate, which is virtually unheard of in the binary options industry. Common knowledge is that as trade volume goes up, accuracy decreases.

We can’t imagine how any of these statements or claims can be true. Our reports from traders who have lost their entire trading account balances show that the software being promoted trades a ton of different currency and stock pairs, instead of just coffee. There were almost no coffee trades to be found. Their accounts were depleted in under 3 hours due to the high trade volume and low accuracy provided by the software. We’ve seen more than enough here to label Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat a massive HOAX! Any service that uses these many deceptive sales tactics definitely should not be trusted with an investment.

Review Verdict: Easy Wealth Creator (Coffee Cash Cheat) is  a SCAM!

Trading binary options is a very lucrative industry, but should not be mistaken for a ‘get-rich-quick’ type of industry. While it can certainly make you a decent side income online, it  won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Even the best auto-trader we have tested to date, the NEO², only brought us a max profit of $800 a day. Don’t get us wrong, $800 is a lot of money but it is dwarfed by the ridiculous figures scammers come up with. Should you wish to succeed in your journey to make an income online, it is crucial that you differentiate the fraudulent services from the legitimate ones.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing any system/service. Due to our high standard of expectations, 99% of the services we review are blacklisted. Less than 1% actually make it to our recommended services list. Statistically speaking, it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to get on our whitelist.

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