Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Scott Hathaway’s VIRAL Scam!! Must read!

Dubai Lifestyle App Is A SCAM! Do not Invest Your Money

Dubai Lifestyle App software is a typical money-making scheme in the binary options industry. Owned by Mr. Scott Hathaway, this scheme, just like all other scams promise huge profits in a short time. Our advice is to go through this unbiased Dubai Lifestyle App Review, where we have tried to expose, every bit of this scam. People who have invested money, have already lost – do not rush and judge for yourself before you invest your hard earned money in this fraud website.

Let us start by knowing more about Mr. Scott Hathaway.

scott hathaway dubai lifestyle app review

Who is Scott Hathaway?

Scott Hathaway claims to be the founder and owner of Dubai Lifestyle App. During our research for Dubai Lifestyle App Review, we found that Mr. Hathaway is just a Stock image, being used to portray an individual. In fact, he doesn’t exist at all. We could not find any information about the person in social networks too. The launchers of this scam used a fake image to create a fake identity. A voice narration is used for all exaggerated profit claims and real identity is never revealed. These were, undoubtedly, the preliminary signs which confirmed that the entire system is a scam.

He is a fictitious character, created to scam people.

How Does Dubai Lifestyle App Work?

This software is claimed to be an auto-trader which uses some specific algorithms which help in generating and conducting signals automatically. The video presentation does not explain anything about how the App works. Scott Hathaway claims to recruit experts to design the application. He claims that the App has a 99.8% winning ratio and that it can generate $7000 per user per day. This is absolutely ridiculous. The binary trading industry comes with risks. It is impossible to maintain such a high winning percentage. No such algorithm exists which can generate such huge amount for anyone.

Unprofessional Website:

Check out the website. We believe no legitimate trading service, which has the capacity of winning millions, will be represented by such an unprofessional and poorly designed website. The website is undoubtedly done hurriedly and is probably a cheap one.

In the website, you will find a number of blue links, which are supposed to open to a new page, where you can get some more information. Try to click on any of these blue words? Well – you will soon notice that they are not hyperlinked. They are just a way to deceive people or rather to make the website look a bit realistic. It is a way to offer a false sense of security too.

Unrealistic Earnings – $7000 Per Day

The alleged CEO explains that this trading App can help users earn as much as $7000 in a day. He claims that this App works on total autopilot mode and has the unique ability to generate such huge money in a day. Even a novice in the binary industry is aware that it is impossible to generate this much amount of money. Also, there is nothing as an autopilot mode. All claims made by the alleged CEO are false.

Unrealistic Winning Ratio:

The presentation video claims that the App performs with 99.8% accuracy. The presenter claims that this robot does not lose any trade. The fact is that such a winning ratio does not actually exist. No software or human can forecast winning ratios of close to 100%. Most legitimate binary options systems we test can maintain an 80-85% accuracy, which is quite high too. Anything which is above this rate is completely realistic. This is another proof of Dubai Lifestyle App scam.

dubailifestyleapp com scam review

False/Fake Testimonials:

If you visit, you will see a promotional video of this Dubai Lifestyle App scam software. You will also see how people are supporting this software, people who have made a lot of money and are really satisfied. Our research has revealed that these testimonials are all fake and false. Our research on the identities of such people revealed that they are amateur actors who earn money by selling testimonials or photographs. Do you think any legitimate system will use such fake testimonials to attract users? This App is totally unreliable and completely fake.

Fake Live Accounts:

On the website, you will see a chart depicting live account profits. The truth is that they forgot to change the date. These are dated a month back. This is perhaps what happens when the designing is done by unprofessional designers for very little money. So, LIVE accounts do not actually exist.

False Endorsements:

No one is actually endorsing this system and whatever endorsements are visible on the website are fake. This service is totally alone. There are several claims that this software is national news in Dubai – this is a lie too. Just Google or search in social media and all that you will get is scam reports, alerts, and negative reviews.

False Claims about Prolonged Research:

This is another lie which came up during our research. The promotional video and Mr. Hathaway claim that a “prolonged research and development phase” was involved before the App was introduced. We found that Dubai Lifestyle App was registered only on 6th July 2016. This means that years of research and development phase is absolutely false and misleading. This is another proof of Dubai Lifestyle App scam.

No Free Access or Trading – False Promise:

When you visit, you are greeted with a pop-up which says “FREE ACCESS” and this is the chance to make life-changing profits. This is totally false. Nothing is free. To start trading, a trader is charged $250 by the brokers. No information is available whether the broker is regulated or licensed. Once your money is deducted, you lose it forever.

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Verdict: Is Dubai Lifestyle App a Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam app.

Do not invest your money in this software with the hope of getting rich in a short time. This software is totally vague and full of fake promises. Nothing can be relied upon – the identity of the CEO or founder couldn’t be confirmed. Everything is structured in a clever way to lure investors, to invite them to make deposits and then cheat them. We have added Dubai Lifestyle App to our list of blacklisted services. Stay away from this app and save your hard earned money for better opportunities!

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services frequently. We rely heavily on positive user feedback as well as positive testing before promoting/endorsing a system. Due to our high standard of expectations,  95% of the services we review end up on our blacklist. While only 5% make it to our whitelist. If you’re looking for a better alternative to get you started in your binary options journey, we highly recommend you check out our CodeFibo Review. We welcome feedback/questions in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at

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