Drexel Code Scam Review – Deceptive Scheme Investigated!

The Drexel Code is just another binary options money making scheme designed to rob unsuspecting traders of their hard-earned money. We have conducted a thorough investigation of this shady system and will be reporting our findings in this Drexel Code scam review. Please read this review through to the end before deciding to invest any money in this. We are certain you will change your outlook on the Drexel Code:

Welcome to the world’s first binary options scam to claim it has never lost a single trade in 3 consecutive years! Cory Drexel the president and CEO of “Drexel Code Incorporated” is the man responsible for this remarkable system. Together with his team of exceptional coding wizards (lovingly named “the brew crew”), he has developed a magical algorithm that is capable of winning every single trade it makes. Amazingly, all this is accomplished with nothing but sleepless nights fueled by cold beers and pizza. Talk about a great investment! We have no doubt that Cory Drexel and his amazing team of wizards will be winning the Nobel Prize this year.

Drexel Code Scam Review

Official Scam Website: DrexelCode.Com

Is the Drexel Code a SCAM?

Before we answer that question, let us first investigate some of the claims made by Cory Drexel:

  • Never lost a trade in 3 years. The claim that Drexel Code has maintained a 100% win rate for 3 consecutive years is a ridiculous one. It is possible to not have a losing day since winnings from good trades can negate losses from bad ones, keeping a trader in profit for the day. But to claim the Drexel Code has gone 1,095 days without making a single bad trade is simply a false one. A false claim they want you to believe so they can take your money.
  • $344,589 every month for FREE. Cory Drexel guarantees you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month by using his “free” software. First of all the software isn’t exactly free. In order to use the software, you will first need to sync it with a binary options broker. To do that, you would be required to make a minimum deposit of $250 with a broker that’s recommended by Drexel Code. Here’s the best part. A part of the $250 you deposited will be paid to Drexel Code as a commission for bringing you in. It should be getting clearer now how this whole thing forms into a giant scam.
  • All 50 beta testers millionaires. As for this claim, we have no real way of debunking it 100%, but let’s explore the claim a little. If all the Drexel Code beta testers are now millionaires, why are they coming onscreen to talk about their results in the first month? Isn’t being a millionaire a much bigger accomplishment than making a couple thousand dollars? Why not show evidence of their million-dollar bank accounts? That would be a lot more convincing.

Drexel Code Hoax

“Cody Drexel” Paid Actor?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Cody Drexel doesn’t really exist. Neither does Drexel Code Incorporated. These are characters and companies that are made up to fake “authority”. By establishing himself as someone of authority, he is hoping to gain your trust so that he can reel you into the scam. We looked all over the internet and could not find a trace of this made up company. The only connection Drexel has is to itself, the Drexel Scam. As for Cody Drexel, he is nothing more than a paid actor who is providing his services to the real guys behind the Drexel Scam. We immediately recognised him from a previous hoax we reviewed called the Mobile Money Code. He was an actor there as well.

Drexel Code Rip Off

Drexel Code Deceptive Countdowns

At the bottom of the Drexel Code page, there’s a fake countdown for “available spots left” which starts at 50 and ends at 1. Yup, it ends at 1 and not 0. Because no matter what there will always be an available spot left for you. The countdown is merely there to instill a sense of urgency in you. Get you to sign up quick in fear of losing out. Thousands of people have signed up and fallen victim to the Drexel Code scam! Yet they claim there are only taking in 50 testers. When the countdown gets to 1 all you have to do is refresh the page and it starts at 50 again. It’s just another deceptive marketing tactic employed to rip off new unsuspecting traders.

Review Conclusion: Drexel Code is a SCAM!

We conclude our investigation by labeling the Drexel Code a scam! We have added it to our blacklist of other scams you should avoid. Do not be too discouraged. There are other legitimate systems around that can help you achieve your goals. Like the Copy Buffet Software. We have reviewed and tested the system. We know it is legit and will work well for you. But be warned, it won’t make you a millionaire overnight.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Drexel Code Scam Review. We certainly hope it has benefited you. Please leave us a comment or question below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Trade safe,

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