Disrupt Trading Review – SCAM or Legit? Must READ!

Disrupt Trading by Greg Hardman is a new Binary Options scam due to be launched this week. We have conducted a thorough investigation of this trading platform and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive Disrupt Trading Review. We hope this will bring our readers some clarity on the topic and help them make an informed decision, should they wish to invest in it. Please read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions, or you might regret it later.

Disrupt Trading Scam Review

Disrupt Trading Review

How does the Disrupt Trading software work? Supposedly, Greg Hardman’s suspicious algorithms are based on an exploit of a bug/glitch in the financial markets. By abusing these loopholes, he is able to bring in tens of thousands of dollars in profits within a 24 hour period. All this is done on complete auto pilot and require little to no effort from him. This may sound like a dream come true but the reality of the situation is much different.

This is not our first review on a system that claims to have found an exploit in the financial market and is abusing it to generate ridiculous amounts of money. The 98% Success system which we recently wrote a review on claimed the same exact thing and ended up being a scam. These are merely fraudulent claims made in attempts to attract new unsuspecting traders into the scam.

Let’s entertain the possibility of Greg’s Disrupt Trading claims for a minute. Even if he really does have knowledge of an error that is making him millions of dollars, why is he sharing it with other people? His whole argument was that the amount he is stealing from the Wall Street traders are relatively low and goes unnoticed. By sharing it with others, the amounts stolen will become much larger, to the point it starts getting attention from the relevant people who will eventually fix the exploit. Do you really think Greg is so foolish or selfless that he is willing to risk losing his massive source of income by sharing it with others?

Is Disrupt Trading a Scam?

Before answering that questions, let’s investigate some of the other scam-like elements we discovered. Take Greg Hardman, for example, the alleged founder and CEO of the Disrupt Trading software. He claims to have worked as a Technician Support for one of New York’s biggest hedge fund firms but fails to specify which exact firm. From our experience reviewing scams, we can safely assume this information was intentionally left out to make it more difficult for people like us to track them down and verify the legitimacy of their claims.

Our background check on Greg came back with no traces of his existence. We even looked on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but found no results. It is very likely that Greg is just a paid actor hired to be the face of the Disrupt Trading Scam. The real crooks behind this production remain hidden so as to avoid criminal charges down the road when they inevitably get busted.

Trading Disrupt Fake Testimonials

Unfortunately, the lies don’t stop there. The unnecessary long 1-hour video presentation is full of deceptive marketing tactics, such as fabricated testimonials. Remember Chris? He appears in the video as a ‘successful member’ of Disrupt Trading who managed to earn $150,000 in just 10 short days. That’s an average of $15,000 a day which is insane! Truth be told, Chris is just another paid actor who provides video testimonial services on Fiverr for as little as $5. Here’s a link to his Fiverr gig. We recognized him immediately as he was featured in the Hoffman Stein Capital scam which we recently reviewed.

Before concluding this review, we would like to point out one last statement which we found to be highly suspicious. “Only 65 spots available” for the use of the Disrupt Trading software. As soon as we entered our email, the count drops to 11 spots. How did it go from 65 to 11 in just 10 minutes? At that rate, the system would have filled up all 65 spots in under 15 minutes. What’s the logic in creating a 1-hour long promotional video with fancy cars, big mansions, and paid actors, when it takes only 15 minutes to recruit 65 people? If the service was really that amazing, they could have skipped the production of the video and given the opportunity to their family/friends and be done with it. Clearly, these are just made up numbers used to deceive new traders by making it seem exclusive.

Review Conclusion: Disrupt Trading is a SCAM!

Please do not invest money into this malicious scam. If you’re still considering it, we urge you to read this review again and hopefully change your decision. While binary options have the potential to make traders very wealth, it certainly won’t make you $10,000 overnight. If you do not have the required time to learn trading strategies and would like to utilize the help of an auto-trader, there are other much better alternatives. Such as the Copy Buffet auto trader. Read the full review here.

Here at BSR, we test and review trading platforms on a daily basis. We rely on positive user feedback and testing before endorsing a service. 95% of the systems we review end up on our blacklist and only 5% actually make it to our recommended signals section. Statistically speaking, it is easier to gain entry to Harvard than it is to our whitelist.

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