Crunch Tech Review – Scam or LEGIT? Software Analysis

Welcome to our Crunch Tech Review. Crunch Tech is a brand new binary options auto trading software. Since it’s launch, it has been gaining the attention of serious binary options traders and bloggers worldwide. We review binary options services on a daily basis and have been confronted with nothing but scam systems over the past few months. Needless to say, we were excited to finally be reviewing a software with so much positive buzz around it. Could this really be the next best auto trading platform to hit the Binary Options industry? Or is it a scam? It’s time to put Crunch Tech to the test.

Official Website: CrunchTech.Co

Crunch Tech Scam Review

Crunch Tech Review

Rick Paulson and David Avery are the CEO’s and Founders of Crunch Tech Software. Rick is enthusiastic about weather data and used to work for Planet IQ, a leading private company in the innovation of weather data collection. Rick worked closely with a team of engineers to create the largest commercial data supplier called Pixus, the only GPS row sensor powerful enough to provide 10 times more data than any other sensor currently in orbit. David Avery, on the other hand, has been passionate about computer programming since young. David is a Stanford graduate and a financial expert who specializes in Algo-Trading. Rick Paulson and David Avery were college friends who reconnected several years after graduating. They decided to combine their expertise for a new joint venture, now called Crunch Tech.

How does Crunch Tech work?

Crunch Tech works by merging weather prediction technology with financial market analysis and trends. This way, the Crunch Tech auto trader is able to recognize highly profitable market opportunities that would normally go unnoticed, without the integration of weather forecasting data. The system is easy to use due to its simplistic design. Literally anyone regardless of background, experience, or education could operate Crunch Tech app. This isn’t the first instance of an automated trading system that incorporates weather  forecasting data into its trading algorithms, the NEO² has a similar strategy but uses a slightly different angle.

How does climate relate to Profitable Trading?

The prices of traded commodities such as corn, wheat, and cocoa fluctuate based on their supply and demand. When supply or production volume of corn is high, the price of corn may reduce. Unfavorable weather conditions such as drought or storms usually impact the production volume of corn negatively. When the production volume of corn is low, the price of corn may more than likely increase. Knowledge of such weather patterns can allow traders or robots to accurately predict the price movements or trends of such commodities. This results in more successful trading and higher profits.

The relationship between weather forecasting and trading is one that has been known for decades. World renown academicians have researched and published countless papers in regards to this topic. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise why successful trading software such as Crunch Tech and NEO² are based on this theory. We even noticed an increase in the number of binary options scam services we reviewed that decided to jump on the bandwagon. Most of them, however, do not have the sophisticated technology required and end up  becoming scams, such as the Ice 9 Technology.

Crunch Tech Review Scam

Features that make Crunch Tech worthy of your time and investment:

(a) Crunch Tech Autotrader

Suitable for traders that don’t have the time to monitor trades or lack experience. This feature allows the software to trade binary options for you on 100% autopilot.

(b) Crunch Tech Signal Software

Suitable for traders with more experience trading binary options. This feature generates high-quality signals periodically, which can be analyzed further for better accuracy.

(c) ~85% Accuracy Tried and Tested

Reasonable trading accuracy which is more than sufficient to maintain a profitable software. Promises of 95-100% accuracy should raise a big red flag as they are good indicators of scam. We’ve had 7 days to test the software and can confirm its accuracy rating (we are at 82%). The averages from our subscribers and other early testers average to about 85% as well. Do check back as we will continue to test the system and update this post with more user feedback and evidence.

(d) 90-Day Free Trial

The Crunch Tech software is free to use only for the first 90 days after which a monthly licensing fee of $790 will be charged. $790 might seem like a lot to invest but it has potential and we don’t see a problem with the pricing. It’s less risky to try the software out during the trial and then decide if you want to extend the membership later on. While the trial is free, you would still be required to make a minimum deposit to fund your trading account with one of the available brokers. We advise all our readers to start with a minimum deposit. You can consider adding more funds after testing.

Get Your Free 90 DayTrial Here!

Here’s how to join Crunch Tech. Follow the below Steps and start Making Profits!

Getting registered is pretty simple. DO NOT create the broker account first. The Crunch Tech software is synced to a number of internally verified brokers. A broker will be automatically assigned to you based on your location. To avoid complications when registering you should always enter your correct details such as name, contact details, and country code. Follow the steps below:

1.) Clear cookies to avoid any issues Ctrl + Shift + Del (This step is optional)

2.) Click on the registration link here.

3.) Enter your real name and e-mail address.

4.) Fill in the form on the following page with correct country code and phone number.

5.) Fund your trading account with the recommended broker assigned. Do not leave the page and fund your account separately! You should register within Crunch Tech platform.

6.) Turn on the auto-trader and start making profits!

Unsatisfied with your broker? Contact us at for assistance.

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Crunch Tech Review Conclusion: LEGIT!

The Crunch Tech system is a breath of fresh air for us here at BinaryScamReview. 95% of the services we review usually end up on our extensive blacklist for being scams. We found no signs of foul play in the form of fabricated testimonials, Fiverr actors, stock photo images, ridiculous guarantees, or fake results/bank accounts. Crunch Tech software has nothing but positive feedback from the binary options community so far. We hope it stays that way for years to come. We will continually update this post with results updates along with screenshots. Do check back often.  Feel free to leave us a comment below with feedback/questions/suggestions. We love hearing from our readers and respond to all comments within 24 hours. With this, we conclude our Crunch Tech review and wish you all the best!


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