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The Copy Buffet auto trading software has taken the Binary Options industry by storm. Since it’s launch, the system appears to have gone viral. Is it a scam software that will eventually drain your trading account, or is the Copy Buffet Software actually a legitimate auto-trader? We have completed an in-depth review of this system and will be sharing our findings in this  comprehensive Copy Buffet Software Review:

Copy Buffet Software

Is Copy Buffet a Scam or Legit?

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Copy Buffet Software Review Summary

  • Annoying Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Traffic Stats/Countdown Timer: No
  • Paid Actors: None we found
  • Unrealistic Revenue Guarantees: No
  • Appears Authentic: Yes
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: Yes
  • Scam Possibility: 1%
  • Price: Free. Broker registration required.
  • Auto-trading: Yes, fully automated trading software.

What is the Copy Buffet Software?

The Copy Buffet Software as you may have guessed is a free binary options auto trading software. It was developed by its owner Jeremy Fin, who was a Silicon Valley software designer for 18 years. During the financial crisis of 2008 when the economy collapsed, Jeremy was left without a job. He took inspiration from Warren Buffet who amazingly despite the crash, was one of the very few people who were still profiting. Jeremy studied Warren’s trading strategies and attempted to program a software that would emulate or copy Warren Buffet’s trading strategy. Hence, the name Copy Buffet.

Who is Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffet is an American businessman who is regarded as the world’s most successful investor and is known for his phenomenal success in picking the right stocks to trade. He is the 3rd richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $66 billion according to He built his fortune with a simple yet powerful investment strategy. He was nicknamed the “Oracle of Omaha” because the investments that he made and his comments on the market were very closely followed by the investment community.

Warren started investing at the young age of 11 when he purchased his first stock. His father, Howard Buffet, owned a small brokerage, where Warren would spend his time listening to what brokers were saying and watching what they were doing. After graduating from business school, Warren worked as a stockbroker back in Omaha where he opened several partnerships. His investing partnerships grew significantly and by the age of 31, he had become a millionaire. It is because of his great accomplishments in the financial markets that the Copy Buffet Software is named in his honor.

Warren Buffet Rules of Success

Is Copy Buffet Software a SCAM?

At first glance, we noticed that a lot of effort went into the production of the Copy Buffet Software. The website looks clean and is of high quality, unlike most other scam systems we review, which usually look like they were designed as a classroom project. There are no spammy texts or pop-ups to be found which would usually raise a red flag. We were unable to find any links to paid Fiverr actors or paid testimonials. The only thing that bothered us initially was the heavy mention or link to Warren Buffet in the video presentation. However, we were glad to find that Jeremy Fin made no claims of the Copy Buffet Software being in direct connection to Warren Buffet, it was merely inspired by his trading methodology.

There are also no ridiculous promises or guarantees to be found in the Copy Buffet Software presentation video or texts on the site. We have confirmed that most of the brokers that are synced with the system are indeed CySEC regulated brokers which we don’t often see in scam systems. Overall, we could not find any elements to suggest that the Copy Buffet Software is a scam. Read on to find out more about this system.

How much does Copy Buffet cost?

If you Sign Up Now, Copy Buffet is free for 30 days. Thereafter, a revenue sharing model of 5% is activated which means you keep 95% of your profits while the other 5% goes to the system to handle administration expenses. This is extremely reasonable since you don’t have to fork out any money to use it initially. We like this structure a lot for 2 simple reasons:

  1. If you don’t profit, they don’t profit. The revenue sharing model heavily relies on the traders using the software to be profitable. If traders don’t profit, they don’t get their 5% cut which is the only source of income for Copy Buffet. The fact that the Copy Buffet Software choose this payment structure gives us a strong indication that they are very confident in what they have developed and are willing to bet their money on it.
  2. Risk-Free. No upfront payment is required to try the software. You get to use it free for 30 days and if you decide to extend your membership, no additional investment is required. The system automatically takes a 5% cut from your monthly profits and you keep 95% of it. Once again, if you don’t make a profit, they don’t get paid.

Copy Buffet Software Performance

The Copy Buffet Software promises a trading signal accuracy of 80% which we feel is very reasonable and puts it on par with the other high performing auto traders that have come and gone with time. Any signal provider that promises a 90% accuracy or higher is almost definitely a scam. Maintaining an 80% accuracy is more than enough to be profitable in trading, but we still needed to find out if the claims are true.

Over a period of 5 working days, we have tested the Copy Buffet and are glad to report that we achieved a winning rate of 82% over 20 trades. In our test, we took a more conservative approach and set a signal strength threshold of 90%. This means that the auto trader only executed signals that it was very confident with. The only drawback to this was that we were unable to execute the number of trades we had hoped for in a day. We do not see this as a downfall as the number of trades taken is irrelevant if you’re not maintaining a high win rate. If your appetite for risk is higher and you want to execute more trades, try 75-80% but no lower. Overall we are very happy with the results we achieved and will be adding the Copy Buffet Software to our Recommended List. We highly recommend the Copy Buffet Software  as we are confident in its performance and  know it will work well for you.

Free 30 Day Copy Buffet Trial

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