Compound Trader Review – 5 Shocking Reasons It’s a SCAM!! Must read.

Welcome to our Compound Trader scam review! Our aim with today’s review is to provide potential investors with all the necessary information they require to make an informed investment decision. I’m sure we can all agree that the video presentation by Doctor Albert Henderson is a very enticing one.  With promises of million dollar paydays (in under 60 days), who wouldn’t get excited? What’s even better is that the opportunity comes with “zero risks”. This may sound like a dream come true to most, but we urge our readers against signing up just yet. During our investigation, we found convincing pieces of evidence that suggest the Compound Trader software may be a Scam. Please read this review through to the end before risking any of your hard-earned money.

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Compound Trader Scam Review

What is Compound Trader, how does it work?

Compound Trader is a new binary options auto trading software which has the ability to trade the financial markets for its users on 100% autopilot. Doctor Albert Henderson is the CEO and founder of this remarkable system, which took 7 years to create, test, analyze, and optimize.  He claims that his revolutionary software is able to generate users anywhere between $770 per hour to $12,000 in daily profits. That’s close to $350,000 in just 30 days, with a small investment of $300. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, Albert goes on to state that it is impossible to lose with his system as it has a 98% winning trade accuracy.

The Compound Trader software works on the principle of compounding profits. The software apparently reinvests profits from previous trades in order to exponentially increase profits for subsequent trades. While this may sound like a legitimate strategy, in theory, it is not a practical one for binary options. Especially not for rookie traders or automated software. The problem with this strategy is that one wrong trade could potentially deplete your entire trading account balance. But we don’t have to worry about that since Compound Trader has a 98% trading accuracy, right? Wrong!

Is Compound Trader a SCAM?

We are pretty certain it is. But, before we answer that question conclusively, let’s scrutinize some fo their claims. The Compound Trader introduction video starts off by promising viewers “life-changing” profits in the sum of $700,000 in just 30 days, from an investment of roughly $300. This is such an absurd claim to be making. Honestly, we can end the review right there and label this whole thing a fraud just for that statement. There is not a single money making opportunity on this planet that will bring you those kinds of profits in such a short period of time with that low an investment, and with NO RISKS involved. Anyone who promises you an opportunity like this is most likely someone who is trying to lure you into a trap. Even the best binary options software on the market do not make such ludicrous claims.

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98% Trading Accuracy?

This is just another bogus statement they want you to believe so you will invest. Binary options is an extremely lucrative field of trading due to its volatile market conditions. Fluctuations in prices occur so often and at unpredictable times. This is both a good thing as well a bad thing. With proper analysis and timing, traders/robots are able to accurately predict some of these fluctuations and profit off them. However, the market volatility, as well as its unpredictable nature, makes it difficult to maintain high winning ratios especially if you execute too many trades. The Compound Trader software apparently is able to execute more than a dozen trades in under an hour!

This makes it almost impossible for it to be an accurate auto trader. Even if it only executes 1 trade an hour, 98% would still be impossible to achieve. In our experience reviewing binary options services, we notice the majority of scams promise winning percentages of 90% -100%. The legitimate softwares on the other hand, which are actually profitable, only claim a modest 70-85% winning ratio. The reason for this is simple. It’s easier to grab people’s attention with numbers reaching close to absolute perfection, in this case, 100%. The fraudsters know this that’s why they project such outrageous win rates.

Other Scam Findings

Apart from those, we also discovered several other lies/misleading information that was presented during the Compound Trader introduction video. This includes:

  1. “Compound Trader app has won prestigious awards all around the globe for being the best online trading innovation since the birth of the internet”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We looked up their domain registration details and found out the app is less than a week old (registered 14.07.2016), making it impossible for it to have gained any attention let alone awards. This also disproves Doctor Albert Henderson claims to have made over $8 million dollars in the past year with this software.
  2. “You will receive a $5,000 if you take action now!” The minimum amount required to get started with Compound Trader is $250. Why would they give you 20x your investment amount as a bonus? If the system can generate $700,000 in 30 days from just $300, what’s the necessity of rewarding you $5,000 to start? Isn’t $700,000 in 30 days already more than what anyone can dream of? This is clearly more BS they are throwing your way to further entice you.
  3. “Only 7 spots remaining“. Since Compound Trader was launched, hundreds of people have already signed up. Yet, it still says only 7 spots are left. This is a common tactic employed by scammers to instill a sense of urgency in their victims. By making the offer sound exclusive or limited, they are hoping viewers jump on the opportunity out of fear of missing out on available spots. We’ve seen this strategy used time and time again to deceive new traders.

Compound Trader Review Scam

Review Conclusion: Compound Trader is a HOAX! Stay away.

It should be absolutely clear by now why Compound Trader is a fraudulent system that is not worthy of an investment. The only people who will become rich from this program are the malicious crooks behind it. If you’re still not convinced, check out this review from another binary options authority blog. We have seen more than enough here to label this software a scam and will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services. Please refer to our blacklist in the future before signing up with any shady offers. You can bookmark our page in case you forget how to find us in the future.

Do not be too discouraged, there are other better alternatives for you to explore out there. They might not make you a millionaire in 30-60 days but they can definitely supplement you with a decent stream of passive income, which you can grow over time. This is a more realistic approach to profiting from binary options as well as becoming financially free. We recommend you check out the NEO2 Software.  Our subscribers, as well as the binary options community, have nothing but positive feedback about the system. You can read our comprehensive NEO2 Review here.

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