CodeFibo APP Review – Is Code Fibo a SCAM? Must Read!

CodeFibo By Professor Matthew Lewis – A Genuine Software?

CodeFibo App is a new binary options auto trading software. Developed by Professor Mathew Lewis, this App is based on the Fibonacci Arbitrage Strategy as well as the Golden Ratio. Is CodeFibo a scam? With so many scam software being released on the market, it can be quite difficult to distinguish the reliable services from the scams. How does one decide is a software is genuine or not? Our goal with this CodeFibo Review is to help our readers decided if they should invest in Code Fibo.


CodeFibo Scam Review

Prof. Matthew Lewis – The Man Behind CodeFibo Software:

Lewis is a dedicated professor who thinks a lot about the welfare of his middle-class students. Have a look at his profile, you will be amazed by the work he has done for the poor. Matthew Lewis was on the longest quest to find the quickest and most affordable method of becoming successful. He found that the best way for him to achieve this was through a trading business. For 5 years he thoroughly researched the financial market and developed a theory, known as Fibonacci Arbitrage Strategy.

In the 5 years, he tried several things on different platforms till he was able to find the correct algorithm for dealing with the financial markets. He soon developed Code Fibo with Carl Leary, who was his teammate.

What is CodeFibo? How does it work?

For those who do not know, CodeFibo is a binary options automated trading system. It is capable of trading the financial markets for its users on complete autopilot. Let us understand what makes CodeFibo a genuine and safe trading App. How is it different from other scam software? To start with, there are no promises to make millions of dollars. Professor Matthew has made this clear from the beginning. He says that using this software will help you make money which ranges between $500 to $1000. There are no promises to make thousands of dollars in a day.

Once you visit, you can check out the promotional video on the homepage. The software is still new and the video helps in reaching out to people. Unlike most scam productions, Code Fibo does not focus its presentation around flashy cars, big mansions, and million dollar dreams, which usually serve as misdirection. The video clearly explains how the software was developed and how it works. The main principles behind the software are Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio. We won’t go into the details of these as we do not want to bore our readers. For those who are interested, go here to learn more about Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

The CodeFibo Software is quite unique without any false promises, fake testimonials or hype. The software reflects reality and everything is explained well. In testing the app during the review process, we found that the App performs really well.

Professor Matthew Lewis CodeFibo

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount earned depends on a number of factors which include ITM rate and also the initial investment amount. We have been testing the service for about 2 weeks now and are seeing averages of about 83% winning accuracy. In this time, we have more than tripled our investment and are pleased with the results. We’ve had a couple of days at 88% but we have not come close to the 97% claimed by Professor Matthew.  We believe 97% is the highest win rate they achieved in their beta testing stages.

For those who are in search of a trading bot which works on a true autopilot with similar results as manual traders, Code Fido is a robot which can be relied on. As you push that button, the software starts to trade on your behalf. This happens as long as you have balance in the broker account. You can patiently watch your balance grow every day, but this will not be at a huge or alarming rate.

Easy Joining Process:

Clarity and transparency are thoroughly maintained, unlike scam websites.

  • Visit the homepage here: Code Fibo
  • You will find a simple form -“Register and Access today”
  • Fill in your details – Real Name and E-mail.
  • Click “Apply Now”. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Fill in all forms with your correct information including area code and mobile number.
  • Fund your trading account with the recommended broker.
  • Click Instant Action Button

And…you are done!

It is as simple as this. This software itself is free to use, but only for the first 30 days. After this time, if you continue using the software, a 5% win-win partner plan shall apply to the traders which means 5% of your profits is automatically deducted at the end of the money as a fee. We like this structure a lot as it is a relatively low percentage and you only pay a fee when you profit.

While the software is free, you would still be required to fund a trading account with a recommended broker to begin trading. The minimum investment is $250. We encourage our readers to start with the minimum and get comfortable with the system before considering further investments. Remember – you CAN withdraw your deposit anytime you wish. No additional clauses or strings attached.

codefibo review scam

Responsive Customer Support:

This is often a concern amongst traders! During our review, we tested the customer support service and we were quite impressed with their responsiveness and support. On emailing the support team with a few questions about the system, we received some quick and honest answers. We received their response within 24 hours, which is quite impressive. Traders who select to work with Code Fibo will receive all help needed whenever they face any problem. A responsive support team exists which does not happen in the case of most scam services.

Review Conclusion: CodeFibo is NOT a SCAM! 100% Legit

Check to find what other users have to say or know more about their experience! A simple search on Google should reveal more positive reviews from other authority binary options blogs.  If you are looking for other alternatives, visit the top rated systems here. Thank you for taking the time to read our CodeFibo review. If you have any questions/feedback, leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at We make it a point to respond to each and every one of our readers within 24 hours.

Trade safe!

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