Cobalt Code Review – Grant Stone’s $12,875 dollar SCAM!

Cobalt Code is a new binary options Scam by Grant Stone! Disguised as a profitable auto trader, this bogus software aims to rob inexperienced traders of their hard earned money. The unnecessarily long and winding 52-minute video presentation is full of misleading information and lies. Based on our viewing, it is evident Grant Stone will tell his audience anything to trick them into signing up. For this reason, we decided to investigate the Cobalt Code scam thoroughly and expose it for what it really is. Please read this Cobalt Code review through to the end before making any decisions to sign up. We are certain this review will change your perspective on Grant Stone’s latest hoax!

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Cobalt Code Review

This Cobalt Code review aims to help potential investors make an informed decision by shedding some light on the well-hidden areas we discovered during our investigation process. Our review is based on well-researched facts and evidence. Not random claims/statements pulled out of a hat, which is something fraudsters such as the Cobalt Code scam like to do.

Cobalt Code Scam Review

Who is Grant Stone?

Grant Stone is the founder/owner of Cobalt Code. He claims to have worked in the Cobalt Mines of Madagascar off the coast of Africa for over 21 years. He does not specify which large corporation he worked for and this makes it impossible for us to verify his claim. We suspect this important detail was intentionally left out to prevent us from doing just that. Grant Stone then goes on to tell us he has accumulated a net worth of over $600 million in the past two and a half years alone.

Once again, we find no evidence of this available anywhere apart from forged bank account statements. Anyone who makes $600 million in 2 years will be the focus of big media companies. Yet, we could not find his success stories published anywhere. His identity is equally anonymous as there are no traces to be found of a Grant Stone with his specified resume. No Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles or even any mentions on Google verifying his existence as well as his success stories.

What is Cobalt Code? How does it work?

Cobalt Code is both a fully auto as well as a semi-auto binary option trading app/robot. Users can switch between the 2 functions anytime they like. Essentially, they trade the financial markets for their users using sophisticated trading algorithms and market prediction technology. This may sound groundbreaking to most but we assure you there are a ton of more reliable automated trading systems out there for people who are looking to invest into one. The key questions we want to explore is how is the Cobalt Code different from the others, and is it reliable?

From what we understand, the Cobalt Code software focuses on trading Cobalt, which is a rare metallic mineral. Apparently, it is a highly profitable mineral to trade, if you make use of Mr. Grant’s expertise. He promises to share insider information/knowledge which he guarantees will earn users hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly profits. It’s funny how Grant Stone ridicules “big greedy corporations” for abusing insider trading to reap profits when he then goes on to offer us the same exact service. For those of you that don’t know, insider trading is ILLEGAL!

Cobalt Code Grant Stone

Is Cobalt Code a SCAM?

Yes, Cobalt Code is most definitely a Scam. So far, none of the claims that Grant has made can be verified. The entire story line may sound appealing at first as it was designed to lure inexperienced traders, but it is far from the truth. Most scam services we review come up with their own ridiculous claims/guarantees/story line and none of them actually follow through. We also found many other convincing pieces of evidence to disprove the entire Cobalt Code scam:

One of which is the fake counter on the top right of scam website which states “Over $1,687,790 in profits generated as of 18.07.2016”. This isn’t really a legitimate counter which tracks the actual performance of the software. It is merely a script that runs from a starting point of $1.6 billion and increases with time. The script is also set to automatically display the correct date at the time of viewing, to appear more legit. How do we know it’s fake? Try refreshing your browser and you will see the counter doesn’t continue where it left off. Instead, it starts counting up from around $1.687 billion every time. We even have a screenshot of the same counter from the 13th of July 2016 indicating $1.6 billion generated in profits.

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Fake Bank Endorsements

Apparently, the Cobalt Code scam is endorsed by some of the biggest banks in the world. They have a section on their website showing they are “trusted” and “verified” by Barclays, HSBC and several other large banks. We can assure you none of these are true. This is a common tactic employed by scam artists to fake legitimacy/credibility. By including fake endorsements such as these, they hope their potential victims feel secure enough to trust them with an investment.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the crooks behind the Cobalt Code scam decided to step things up a notch. They even show us a graph demonstrating how much profits UK Cobalt Code users have been generating. Apparently, this graph is also proven and verified by Barclays and HSBC. We are 100% certain this is another lie. Just one look at the graph was all it took to figure this out. The level of detail on their graph is equivalent to what you would find in a middle school class room project. It’s ridiculous how these scam artists behind the Cobalt Code expect us to believe this graph came from the banks.

Cobalt Code Review Scam

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Cobalt Code Review Verdict: Massive SCAM! Stay away at all cost.

There are many other reasons as to why we labeled the Cobalt Code software a Scam. However, we do not want to turn this into a 5,000 word report and bore our readers. Some of the other things we did not highlight are the fabricated reviews, fake “limited spots” claim, ridiculous profit guarantees, as well as the fact that the site is only 3 months old despite claiming to be a 3 year old company/site. Overall, we are certain Cobalt code is indeed a scam and will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services.

We certainly hope this Cobalt Code review has helped save you some money. Feel free to share this with your friends on social media to help prevent more people from falling victim to this malicious hoax. If you are looking for a better alternative to get you started in binary options, we highly recommend the Copy Buffet software. It is our best performing auto trader for the month of July, you can read our full review on it here.

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