Is Cloud Track Trader a SCAM? 100% Honest Review with EVIDENCE!!

Cloud Track Trader – Is it a SCAM?

I was reading an email from Cloud Track Trader, offering a lucrative option of having $1,250.00 in my account – that too, in just a few hours. All that I was required to do was register my email ID. Seemed like an irresistible offer at first glance! I decided to give it a second thought and wondered if it was that easy to make money? If this was true, everyone would be a millionaire in a few days and why am I receiving the offer?

cloud track trader scam review

A bit of research and it was clear – Cloud Track Trader scam is the latest buzz, in the binary trading industry. Several people have already lost their money and many others are ready to become an overnight millionaire! Stop yourself and others from being cheated. Read our full Cloud Track Trader review and know why you need to stay away from this offer! It is just another SCAM in the binary options industry.

Who is James Christian?

We are introduced to Mr. James Christian, in the presentation video. He claims to be the founder of the software and a man with immense experience and reputation. However, during the entire presentation video, we gather nothing about James Christian, his background or his experience. He claims to have spent 3.5 years on creating this automated trader with the help of some of the best analysts and programmers, but there is no information about these experts too.

In the course of Cloud Track Trader review, we discovered that James Christian appeared in the video presentation for another binary options scam called Cloud Trader. Over there, he was known as Mathew Shepard. Obviously, he is a paid actor, who has promoted several other scam systems. We have reason to believe Cloud Trader as well as Cloud Track Trader were produced by the same scam company, taking into account the similarity in their names and the same actor being used for both (with different names). We also found that the entire team presented in the video doesn’t actually exist. These are made up names matched to random photos of people stolen from all over the internet.

How Does Cloud Track Trader Work?

James Christian claims that his created system works with 100% accuracy and can never lose a trade. Trading is said to be done with repetitive patterns. Christian further claims that the software finds 500-600 patterns in a day and then places approximately 26 trades in a day. The number of trades placed is heavily dependent on the initial investment made. The trades are placed after much analysis, which explains their “100% success rate”.

Did this explanation answer your queries? We too are left more baffled, as the explanation is confusing and difficult to comprehend.

is cloud track trader a scam by james christian

Suspicious Promotional Video:

As you visit the official website,, the video presentation starts rolling. Watch the video carefully and you will agree that the video looks absolutely fake. There are forced glimpses of money, expensive aircraft, luxurious lifestyles, wine and more – all symbolic of a luxurious lifestyle. The CEO shamelessly brags about the software and how it doesn’t lose any trade. Notice his uncomfortable hand movements, his well-rehearsed scripts, and his desperation to prove his points. In this 18 minute video, Christian doesn’t explain anything about the algorithm or how the system works to make money.

We also noticed several scam tactics to lure traders and convince them to register in the system. These tactics are nothing new and quite common to almost all scam systems.

Some Lies and False Claims:

  • 2 Years Old – False Claim – We watched the creator claiming, that the software was developed two years ago. Since then it is making millions and several traders have earned thousands of dollars till now. We tried to verify this claim and found that this domain was registered only on 31-08-2016. If it was registered just two months back, how are the members making millions?
  • 100% Success Rate – This is an impossible claim! Some of the leading auto-traders too are known to have an ITM rate of 80%. How can a two-month-old auto-trader have 100% success rate? It is just a scam which is created to cheat traders.
  • Fabricated Results – We found in our Cloud Track Trader scam review, that all results claimed by the creators are fabricated and false. 100% success rate is impossible. The results are all manipulated. There is no legitimate proof of anyone winning any amount or any proof of 100% success rate.
  • Free Trading Software – This is another proof of Cloud Track Trader scam – software being offered FREE when actually it is not free. It is just a trap to attract traders and get them to the registration.
  • False Testimonials – The testimonial section looked promising with several testimonies. Sadly, we were disappointed here too! Check out the testimonials carefully. All images are stock photos. The testimonials are well written by an expert with the hope of convincing the viewers.

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Verdict – Is Cloud Track Trader A Scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software!

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Our Cloud Track Trader review couldn’t trace anything legitimate in the software. The creator doesn’t disclose his identity. The software is presented by a fake actor. No one knows how the system works, testimonials are made-up and all claims are false. Traders who will still select Cloud Track Trader scam software, with the hope of winning, are definitely losing a lot of money and their time. Any legitimate binary options trading software will not need to use this much deception in order to get an investment.  Besides that, claiming so much money and guaranteeing 100% wins all the time is nothing but a smart scam tactic. For these reasons, we will be adding Cloud Track Trader to our list of blacklisted services.

If you found this Cloud Track Trader review helpful, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts on the software as well as how you first heard of it. This will help us better understand how scam artists promote their malicious systems. Feel free to leave questions/suggestions/feedback in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers! It motivates us to continue exposing scams.

Trade safe!

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