Click Trade App Review – 5 Reasons it’s a SCAM!! Must read.

Click Trade App may come across as a genuine binary options trading software to most new binary options traders. It is supposedly capable of generating users thousands of dollars in daily profits with little to no effort. It is important for new traders to first verify the legitimacy of such software before making any investment decisions. Shady systems such as the Click Trade App Scam may not be the best way to get started in binary options if you’re looking to succeed. This Click Trade App review aims to help new traders make better investment decisions, by pointing out 5 scam-like elements we discovered during our investigation of this system.

Click Trade App Review

John Cross is the founder and CEO of Click Trade App. He started Click Trade App back in 2014 and has since been working with the best market analyst and programmers to perfect his software. John claims that his auto trading software now makes his users an average $1,500-$5,300 in daily profits. It runs on an Algobitex Algorithm which is supposedly the ‘most powerful’ data analyses in the world. Algobitex knows when the market goes up and when it goes down. Hence, it is easily able to predict winning trades with 100% accuracy with zero risks involved.


Click Trade App Scam review

Is Click Trade App a Scam?

It most definitely is, we can prove it. Let’s start with their claim that the Click Trade App is capable of maintaining a 100% prediction accuracy. These kinds of results are virtually unheard of in the trading scene and are impossible to maintain. Even expert traders can’t predict the financial markets with absolute certainty due to its volatile nature. Prices fluctuate often for a hundred different reasons, it is impossible to factor in all the different elements for a given trade.

Even the best binary options systems we test do not make such ridiculous claims and are proven to maintain an accuracy of only 75-85% (which is enough to be profitable). They even go on to contradict their own claims by stating “90%+ Accuracy Guaranteed” on their web page. Which is it, 100% or 90%? Conflicting statements like these should raise a big red flag as they are usually good indicators of liars, such as the ones behind the Click Trade App Scam.

Fake Identities

Remember John Cross, CEO of Click Trade App? We looked high and low for traces of John’s existence but what we discovered was quite shocking. John Cross isn’t even a real person. He’s just a phony character that was made up to represent the Click Trade App Scam. We found his acting gig on a marketplace called Fiverr. John will say anything you want him to in front of a camera for as little as $5. The crooked producers behind the Click Trade App hired John to be the face of this scam to keep their identities unknown.

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Click Trader App Review Scam

Guaranteed Zero-Risk Trading

Trading (or investing) in general comes with risks. Binary options is no different and anyone who tells you otherwise is most definitely lying. Most forms of money making opportunities involve risk. How successful a trader/investor becomes usually depends on how well they manage risk, not how well they avoid it. The only people who promote “zero-risk” money making opportunities are scam artists attempting to lure gullible investors into their traps. These usually come in the form of get-rich-quick schemes such as the Click Trade App.

What about the $250 Free Trial?

To get to the trial area, you will need to provide them with your personal details. We urge you not to give them your details as they will bombard your inbox with spam offers. They will also sell your personal details to other shady marketers who will do the same. For the sake of this Click Trade App review, we registered with a dummy account to test it out for you. We couldn’t believe what we found on the next page. The “trial” was nothing more than a deceptive script that generated random winning trades to convince newbie traders of its capabilities. Trading on the weekends is impossible since the financial markets are closed. However, the Click Trade App trial still managed to generate ‘winning trades’ for us during the weekend. This is clearly a hoax. Also, the $250 isn’t real money and you can’t withdraw it.

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Click Trade App Review Conclusion: Massive Scam!

We’ve seen more than enough evidence to suggest the Click Trade App is indeed a scam. We will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services. Please refer to our blacklist before signing up with any binary options software in the future. We test and review binary options services on a daily basis so you can be sure that the list is up-to-date. Most of the services we review end up being scams. It is crucial that you read credible reviews before signing up for a binary options software.

Feel free to visit our recommended services section if you are looking for safer alternatives to start with. Unlike most binary options blogs which recommend over 10 different software, we only endorse the top 3 performing systems, which are handpicked by our team of specialists. Thank you for reading our Click Trade App Scam Review. Leave us a comment below with feedback or questions. We love hearing from our readers and respond to all comments within 12 hours. Stay safe!

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