Click Money System Is a SCAM! Honest Review Exposes Julia & Harold!!

Click Money System – Is it a SCAM?

Click Money System, created by Julia and Harold is another addition to the numerous blacklisted Binary trading scams. Just like all other scam systems, this App claims to generate 16 million dollars in yearly profits. It is said that money can be earned every minute and every day. However, there is no truth in any of these claims.

Since the launch of the system, several complaints have been reported by users who have lost money. Unperturbed by the numerous complaints and people reporting about the system being fraud, the makers are relentlessly promoting the scheme. Those who are still trying to find out more about the system, our Click Money system review will be an eye-opener. We have unraveled every aspect of the Click Money system scam to help traders realize how a vicious trap is being set.

Julia Harold Click Money System

We started our review with their official website where we found every detail about the fake system and it’s fake CEOs, Julia and Harold.

Who Are Julia and Harold?

As the video started, we were introduced to the owners – Julia and Harold. They looked quite familiar – did we see them earlier? With suspicion and doubts in our mind, we were careful not to be carried over by the British accent and demeanor of these two people. It did not take us long to realize, that these are the same two scam artists who promoted Push Money App, another fake app which was blacklisted. A complete proof of fraudulence, where paid actors are used to promote a system! The identity of the real creators is a secret, as they know it’s a fake app and designed to cheat money.

How Click Money System Works?

Throughout our Click Money system scam investigation, we tried to find out how the system will make money? Nowhere in the video is it clearly explained how the software can make $20,000 in a day. Julia reveals she doesn’t wish to share the money making secret with anyone. Hence, no one knows, how the system will make money.

Several inconsistencies and lies related to the system by people who lost their money. We too discovered several contradictory and fake systems, which point towards the software being fake.

Old Scam In a New Way:

The makers of the scam were so lazy, they did not hesitate to copy a few sections from the previous scam. It is just the same scam with a few changes, ready to fool people. What are the similarities between the two schemes?

  1. Registration area is the same.
  2. The instructional steps which indicate how to proceed are just a replica.
  3. The content is quite similar.
  4. The marketing logic of rushing and pushing the traders to deposit is also the same. Sentences like 10 spots left or limited spots available are the same.
  5. Same diagrams are used but with different graphics.
  6. The FAQ section of the two systems is also quite similar.
  7. With so much resemblance and copied facts, we have little belief in Click Money system software.

Click Money System Scam Review

The Story about (Fake) Headquarters:

If you watch the presentation video, you will see a building, which the presenter calls as the Click Money system headquarters. If this is real, why doesn’t the building have any name? Wouldn’t the headquarters of such a popular money-making App, have a name? Julia and Harold, in a bid to show off their so-called headquarters, take the audience for a walk inside the building. It doesn’t look like an office at all. It resembles a King’s palace, which was probably taken for a heavy rent, just to prove a point.

We couldn’t find the answer, to several basic questions in our Click Money system review, related to the Headquarters?

  • Why are there no visible activities going on?
  • Why should the Headquarter be a secret place? What is the need?
  • Why are the trading activities a secret?
  • Why doesn’t the Headquarter have a name or logo?

The building appeared more like a ghost building than any office. No staff member or human being is visible. The place is completely creepy and weird. We do not believe it to be their Headquarters.

Encouragement to Invite Friends:

We also noticed that in the promotional video, there is a constant encouragement to invite your friends and relatives. Why would a person encourage this? The logic is simple, as more and more people join, their benefit through broker commission increases. We have a question here – if the App is really good and profitable, why would the makers encourage such small commission? A reputable company will not have the need to send out invites. If software is really good enough, the news shall spread like wild-fire. It doesn’t need so much promotional activity.

Only Invitation Access’ – False Claim:

In their official website, we learn that access to the system is only by invites. Of course, this is a hype! For our Click Money System scam review, we did not have any invitation. We simply visited the website, registered and signed up. There was no timer set, as it is claimed. Time will never run out. This is just a fake trick so that the visitor registers as soon as possible, without thinking much. It is a trick to get more and more people registered in this App.

Money Making Clients or Paid Actors?

If the creators are paid actors, how do we believe the clients? The clients we see at, who claim to have made tons of money could be actors as well. We have no way of verifying this but safe to say. These people, just like the creators of the system have joined to make money. They are simply acting as lucky clients who have made a couple of million dollars in a year.

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Verdict – Is Click Money System a Scam?

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Yes, it is a 100% scam. We wrap up our Click money system review by proving it in more than one way that this entire system is fake. There is no algorithm or formula within the software which can help people make money. The simple system is just a farce and a way to rob money. Its sole aim is to invite people and make them deposit their hard earned money. Do not get carried over by what you see in the promotional video or the claims which they make. No one has won any amount from this App. People have in fact lost their money and there are thousands of people who have reported this system as a scam. Stay away from this system and invest your money in a genuine place.

If you’re looking for a better alternative, visit our recommended services section. We test and review binary options services regularly and rely on positive user feedback as well as testing before endorsing any systems. Our top pick for the month is the CodeFibo App. Thank you for reading our Click Money System scam review! We hope it has helped you save some money. Do let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are about the system. We love hearing from our readers as it motivates us to continue busting scams on a daily basis. Trade safe!

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