The Centument Project 2.0 is a SCAM – 100% Honest Review – READ!

The Centument Project 2.0 – Ugly Truth Revealed! SCAM ALERT!

A lot is being heard about the Centument Project 2.0 and its ability to churn thousands of dollars in just two months!

Just like all other scams, it promises a change in wealth and fortune, for anyone who registers and that too in just two months. This has already attracted a number of traders and a few have already registered themselves. In case you have received the ‘inviting’ e-mail and have somehow started believing in it, just read our impartial Centument Project 2.0 review and know every detail about this scam software.

Let us get into all details and start from its owner, Mr. Gerald Reed!


Who is Gerald Reed?

As you visit and the promotional presentation starts, you get to see Gerald Reed. He claims to be the owner and CEO of Centument LTD. The Company is said to be closely associated with trading binary options and is engaged in finding trading solutions for business and private sectors.

Fraud Admitted By CEO:

This is one of the most surprising parts of the presentation video. The narrative is totally flawed where the owner and CEO admits that the software was hacked by some shady brokers. He also mentions that traders have already lost their money in the software. The audacity and shrewdness of the people behind the scam are unimaginable. They still believe that people would believe them and invest their money, only to be cheated once again.

Centument LTD And The Earlier Centument App Software:

Centument LTD was launched a few months back. It has already caused misery and distress to thousands of traders, who desired to earn a bit extra by trading online. Remember, people have already lost money in this system. The alarming fact is that the same software is again presented, but with a different graphic design. The user interface has changed a bit.

How Does The Centument Project 2.0 Work?

The answer to this question is probably one of the toughest to find. No one actually knows how the software works. This is an automated service. It is in no way associated with the binary options industry. It is expected that the traders will be able to earn several thousand dollars in just two months. Well – such a ‘no loss’ robot does not actually exist. This is a complete SCAM.

Previous Incidence Of Security Breach and Loss To Traders:

Amidst, all claims of no loss and great money, Gerald Reed dares to talk about the early months, when the software was launched.

Mr. Reed admits about a security breach in the software by some ‘shady broker’. Now, he has partnered with the same brokers and come up with new software! He expects people to trust him because he claims to have understood the brokers “reverse engineered his system’s software” . He says it is all fixed now. How competent is that? Would you trust an owner who partners with people who sabotaged him? He too is most likely a scammer and a cheater.

In other words, what we understand is –

  1. His system was previously hacked

  2. His traders lost a lot of money

  3. Now everything is fixed and he expects traders to reinvest into the same partnership that started the mess?

Does all this sound convincing to you? How can a trader trust a system which has already caused so much distress?


Hyped Claims:

Check the presentation video in You will come across several hyped claims that are made by Gerald Reed. He guarantees thousands in daily profits with the use of this software. Even a novice in the trading industry is well aware, that you cannot actually guarantee anything. The risk exists always and no software can guarantee 100% profits.

Reed claims that 1600 people are making $20,000, but who are these people? Why are these people not introduced?

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Unrealistic Promises of 100% Winning Trades:

Mr. Reed in his presentation mentions that after two months of testing The Centument Project 2.0, it is reported to have 0 losing trades. This means 100% winning trades. In our experience trading binary options and reviewing scams, we have NEVER seen a software which has come close to achieving this. However, we have seen hundreds CLAIM that they have. There is no software which can offer 100% winning trades. He also claims that this new software cannot be hacked, reverse-engineered nor tampered as it happened the last time.

Both these claims are unrealistic and vague. No automated robot in the industry can achieve such results. If you check out the most recommended auto traders, you will notice that they too do not have any such records. No one can guarantee such results. This is all false and misleading information.

Fake Testimonials, Bank Accounts Inflated:

Same tricks once again! Fake testimonials are common in all scams. You get to watch paid actors sincerely talking about earning huge amount with the software. The video testimonial actors are popular faces and seen in several other scam videos. Images of banks accounts show inflated unrealistic figures of profits made, to lure traders. If you do a Google search, you will come across several warnings and alert about Centument Project 2.0 being a scam and how people have lost money.

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Verdict: Is Centument Project 2.0 a scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam.

In our Centument Project 2.0 review, we have found nothing which is trustworthy, genuine or legitimate in the software. Do not invest your hard earned money in this software, as you will lose your money as soon as you deposit it. Lots of complaints are already emerging as people are being cheated. The same old tricks and lies are being used to raise funds. The software is not legitimate, the owner is a paid actor and there is nothing as ‘guaranteed success’ since this does not happen in this binary options industry.

We have added The Centument Project 2.0 to our list of blacklisted services. Be sure to refer to our blacklist in the future before taking up any shady offers. We work hard to keep our blacklist updated with the latest scams to help our readers avoid scams. If you were considering signing up with Centument Project 2.0 and found this review helpful, leave us a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to reply to everyone. Trade safe!

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