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If you are really impressed with all that you have seen and heard about Cash Formula Software, then this review is certainly going to make you unhappy. First and foremost, you need to know it right away, that is a scam website. The e-mail you have probably received is a scam which is sent to lure traders to make an investment and lose their money instantly.

This auto-trader cannot be trusted. There are many reasons which prove that the Cash Formula software and Mr. Tim Stafford, as well as Professor Drew Cummings, are fraudulent. If you have the slightest inclination to register, you need to go through this Cash Formula Review and then decide for yourself. These are all facts –well researched in an unbiased way to save your hard earned money.

cash formula scam review

How Does Cash Formula Work?

Though Mr. Stafford talks a lot about the software and how it can make traders wealthy in a short time, he never really explains how the system works. He talks about a “secret” algorithm which was originally developed by hackers, which was sold to some massive banking corporation which then leaked some information and now it is being offered to traders for free – Doesn’t this sound confusing? Yes, because that’s exactly the state Tim Stafford wants you to be in, confused. Personally, we never invest in systems we do not understand and we encourage our readers to do the same.

Who Is Tim Stafford?

Tim Stafford is the co-founder of Cash Formula. He tries his best to convince traders to invest in his software, claiming it will make them rich. Tim talks about how he has made massive amounts of money using the system and explains why he is offering the system to the traders for free. He emphasizes how difficult it is to to make an income online legitimately while claiming to have the key you need to attain riches.

Digging a little deeper, we get to know that Tim Stafford isn’t actually who he claims to be. There are no traces of a “Tim Stafford” to be found online. You would expect someone as successful as him to have some online presence. We found no social media profiles associated with him, no websites (apart from, and no articles on Google related to him. This is highly suspicious for a person with his resume.

Who is Professor Drew Cummings?

Professor Drew Cummings is another name associated with this software. Like time, no public or social media profile could be found with his image. Doesn’t this seem suspicious? If he is the man behind Cash Formula why doesn’t he have any public profiles? Why is his identity hidden? In reality, Tim and Drew are most likely made up characters played by paid actors. The real crooks behind this fraud remain anonymous so as to avoid criminal charges down the road.

Tim Stafford Cash Formula

Misleading Interviews:

The presentation includes a number of interviews or market news with the main aim of establishing a link between the money flow and how to take advantage of it. However, during Cash Formula Review and associated research, it has been found that such news is in no way related to the Cash Formula Software. No secret weapon as claimed in the interviews actually exists. If you watch the interview, you ill be told that Michael Burry, who is a known hedge fund manager, used the Cash Formula system and withdrew $750 million in profits from it.

This is completely false and misleading. Mr. Burry made his profits by performing his own market research and trading strategies. Cash Formula had nothing to do with it, as it was never used be him. He is the founder of Scion Asset Management and is more than capable of generating trade profits on his own.

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So, Is Cash Formula a Scam?

It certainly does look like one as there is proof of the Cash Formula Software being fake and misleading. If you check, you will notice a number of things which are all suspicious, misleading and done to deceive the people.

  • It is available for Free – you will realize later, that nothing is free. Why would anyone offer you free services?

  • 24/7 support – No support is actually available.

  • Inflated bank accounts are displayed as an evidence of money earned.

  • 100% Risk-free – Trading/Investing can never be risk-free, we all know that.

  • Several fake testimonials by actors are presented.

  • Interviews are manipulated and misleading.

  • An unusual pressure is created with ‘hurry up’ being said every now and again. It’s definitely a pressure tactic.

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Review Verdict – Cash Formula Software Is a SCAM!

Cash Formula Software along with Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings are there to cheat you. Several complaints have already started coming and many day-traders have already lost their money after funding the account.Once you fund your account, you are completely at a loss.

There is no 24/7 hours support as claimed by the presenters. There is no one to answer e-mails or receive your calls. So, do not get carried away with the stories or lucrative emails which are being sent to unsuspecting traders because, in the end, you will lose your money. There is no evidence which proves that Cash Formula Software will generate huge profits but there are many proofs that that the software is a scam! So, stay away and keep your money safe.

Thank you for reading this Cash Formula Scam Review. Leave us a comment below with questions/feedback/criticism. We love hearing from our readers and strive to improve our reader’s experience. Trade safe!
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