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Cambridge Method is a new binary options trading Scam! The system is currently being promoted via mass e-mail marketing/spam. With promises of earning users hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period of time, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen victim to these malicious con artists. The 20-minute long video presentation consists mostly of dangerous lies and misleading information. In today’s Cambridge Method scam review, we are looking to address some of these fraudulent claims in hopes of steering investors clear of this shady offer! Be sure to read this review through to the end

cambridge method review scam

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The introduction video begins with testimonials from a few happy members who claim to have had a lot of success with the Cambridge Method system. Shortly after, we are introduced to Jack Flynn, the voice narrator who promises viewers tens of thousands of dollars in just a few days and a six figure income in under a month! Jack claims it is almost impossible to lose with his system, and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Should you fail to earn any of the promised profits, Jack Flynn will reimburse you with $10,000 out of his own pocket! Taking into account you only need $250 to get started, this may sound like a no-brainer, right? If the Cambridge Method works, you become rich. If it fails, you get $10,000.

This illusion of a win-win situation is what makes the Cambridge Method scam so dangerous. From a financial standpoint, this offer doesn’t make much sense. Why would anyone teach you how to make millions of dollars for free and on top of that reward you with 40 times your investment if you fail? If Jack Flynn were to promise the reimbursement of just the initial deposit, that would be more believable. $10,000 guaranteed for an investment of $250 sounds too good to be true, it’s fishy. Some of you may reason that Jack’s promise is a reflection of how confident he is with his software and is not suspicious at all. You might be right, but wait till you see what we discovered next.

Who is Jack Flynn?

Jack Flynn is the founder, CEO, as well as the narrator of the Cambridge Method software. Or so he claims, we have no way of verifying this. He does not appear even for a second during the video demonstration. There are also no pictures of him in the video. We searched online as well as offline for traces of his existence but found nothing. No social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or even Linkedin. We find his anonymity to be highly suspicious. No legitimate service provider who is proud of his product would hide his identity.

Upon landing on the website, we notice a picture of a man named “James Hockton”. James Hockton is apparently a “Risk Analyst Modeler” who also claims to be the owner/developer of Cambridge Method. Who is the actual owner? Jack Flynn or James Hockton? There was no mention of James at all in the video presentation. All of a sudden his name pops up claiming to be the owner? Conflicting pieces of information like this definitely raises a big red flag as it’s a clear indication of foul play.

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Is Cambridge Method a SCAM?

We are pretty certain it is. From the ridiculous promises of riches to the conflicting pieces of information when it comes to the owner/CEO. These are not elements of a legitimate service. To make matters worse, the scam artists behind the Cambridge Method also make use of fabricated testimonials to promote their product. Take the testimonial from Alexandra White from Bradford, UK, for example. Apparently, she has made a total profit of close to £33,000 ($43,000) in just 5 months. Amazing, right?

We tried looking for Alexandra White to see if she can confirm this. What we found was rather shocking. Alexandra White isn’t a real person. The image used to represent her was stolen from a stock photo website, paired with a random name and a self written testimonial. This is a common tactic fraudsters use to gain the trust of their viewers. Using fake testimonials to promote a service is a clearn sign that we are dealing with a bunch of scammers. Here’s an image of what we found:

Cambridge Method Scam Review

Other Concerning Details:

  1. 97.56% Accuracy – 97% accuracy is an unattainable rating for binary options trading. Even the best binary options services that we test and use do not make such ridiculous claims. In our experience, anything between 70-85% is a good benchmark for a profitable auto trader. Anything above 90% is a lie that scammers want people to believe so they will invest.
  2. Fake Social Media Comments – At the bottom of the web page there are a bunch of social media activity from Facebook and Twitter. These comments are not authentic. It’s merely an intellight script that’s designed to fool people into think the comments are from Facebook and Twitter. If they were real comments from real people, clicking on their names would take you to their profile. The ones on the Cambridge Method web site are unclickable.
  3. 2-Month Old Domain – Throughout the introduction video, we hear testimonials from people claiming to have been making millions with this system for months to years. A simple lookup on their domain reveals the system was registered on the 23rd of May 2016, making it only 2 months old. How can people be profitting from it for over a year when it is still brand new? This is clearly another deception.


Review Conlusion: Cambridge Method is a HOAX!

It should be obvious by now why investors should stay away from this deceptive offer. We have seen more than enough evidence to label this software a Scam! For this reason, we will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services. We work hard to keep our blacklist up to date for our readers. If you’re still considering making an investment, we encourage you to read this review again.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services regulalary. We rely on positive user feedback and testing before endorsing any system. Due to our strict criterias, only a handful of systems make it to our whitelist. If you are looking for a legitimate auto trader to get you started in your binary options journey, please visit our recommended signals section. The NEO2 Software is by far our favourite as it is the best performing one and was developed by REAL binary options leaders. We are certain it will work well for you.

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