Bullish University Review – Pathetic SCAM by Ben Newman!!

Bullish University – Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

Supposed to be a genuine effort to educate binary options traders, Bullish University is here to scam people with financial loss, poor education and false hopes of learning. Their sales pitch – traders cannot learn binary options trading all by themselves and hence, they are here to help new traders learn the tricks of self-trade. This is a clever trap and a good way to fool people. Do not pay for this expensive education which is certainly not worth the money you spend.

Read on to know more about this Bullish University scam and how traders are being cheated.

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Ben Newman – The Man Behind This Scam

Ben Newman is the person behind the scam system. He is quite famous in the binary industry and developed a number of trading tools (semi-automated and fully automated). However, all these services were scams and somehow associated with a fraud scheme. He has failed in all his previous systems. He is a criminal and a scammer who is well known for stealing credentials and information from several other binary options programs.

Let us first review the website bullishuniversity.com

Bullish University has a well-designed website with everything needed to entice new traders. Traders can follow a method of education and check live webinars, just as in other educational websites. However, there are a few hurdles which are alarming and must be carefully analyzed.

School For Traders – Really?

Check out the video presentation at bullishuniversity.com. This is supposed to be a school for learners or new traders. New traders are expected to understand and learn self-trade and eventually benefit from online trading. There are webinars, which are guides to learning how to trade. However, we could not verify the authenticity of this statement by any third party. Here, we must say that all previous efforts of Ben Newman were complete fails and scams. So, how is this school different? We couldn’t find any answer to this too.

The presenter is a fake actor who has nothing to do with the University. If you check the second page, you will see another famously hired actor who speaks good things about education. So, are we going to trust a team of fake people?

Pricing Structure:

It is really tough to get the pricing for the ‘education’. One needs to wait at least 24 hours before getting the price structure. The obvious question is ‘why such a complexity’?

Personal Details Disclosure:

If you are patient enough and get the pricing details, you will be greeted with one more popup. Here you need to fill in all your personal details which include your phone number, Geo-location and e-mail address. It is to be noted, that till this stage, the trader does not get any kind of information about the education. This is a mystery too – remember, you are filling in all your details without actually getting to know what you will be learning.

During our Bullish University review, we have found that there are several complaints by people who have submitted their personal details and have been inundated with pressure calls.

Misleading Information:

There are hundreds of complaints about the University and its creator. Our research has revealed that this is a fake University. It is illegal. There is no valid paperwork available, nor is there any valid licence. Thus, when they are offering the services of a University, it is completely misleading and false.


Education Structure Mystery:

No information is available on the structure of information. However, there is a promise to be successful within a month. There is no idea about the support you will be getting too during the process.

Paying For FREE education, Signing Up With Brokers:

New traders who are interested in joining and learning are required to pay for their education. This is usually available free in other regular websites and also YouTube, from where you can learn everything at your own pace and comfortably. That is not all – traders are also required to sign up with several affiliated brokers. Bullish University is going to make some more money here by scamming you.

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Webinars Are Useless – Not Worth The Money Spent

We found several traders reporting losses during the webinar sessions. How would anyone incur a loss when listening to or following an expert trader? Our deep research revealed that the webinars by the owner are unreal and useless. They are no way connected with any basic terms of offering trading sessions to traders. There is no profitable signal or any clear webinar for learners. Nothing is explained based on technical analysis or real strategies. Nothing is explained, to help members win trades consistently which is worth the money invested. In fact, the webinars are about shady unplaced signals. This is nothing but a one month hype in which traders lose their money and waste their time.

No Endorsements:

There are no endorsements for this university and the entire industry is quickly blacklisting the services. Ben Newman has failed several times and is responsible for losses of several traders. A social media search is revealing a lot of negative feedback from other traders.

Fake Testimonials:

Bullish University scam site has several testimonials which are expected to send a positive message to traders about the University. However, on checking closely, we find that the review dates are of 2015. If this system was launched in 2016, why are the testimonials of the previous year? The truth is that these are all fake testimonials for the fake system. None of them are to be believed.

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Verdict – Is Bullish University a Scam?

Yes – 100%.

There are several reasons and ample proofs of the University being a scam. Do not rely on your judgement and check what others have to say. There are so many loopholes in this University. The owner is a criminal, he has been involved in fraudulent cases. Traders are being charged for something which is otherwise free and to top it all, there is no transparency on the educational structure or what and how you will be learning. Please stay away from Ben Newman and all his products because they will cause you heavy losses.

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