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Is Brexit Money Machines a Scam? Can I make $5,000 in daily profits from Arnold Palmer’s If these are questions you need to be answered, you have come to the right place. We received several requests from our readers to review this new binary options auto trading platform. The system under investigation looks to exploit Britain’s recent exit from the European Union in order to earn its users a ridiculous amount of income (up to $25,000 a day).

Brexit money Machines Scam review

Brexit Money Machines Review

The goal of this review is to help potential investors make a more informed investment decisions by bringing to light some of the well-hidden areas behind this shady production. All of the statements made in this transparent Brexit Money Machines review are well-researched facts. They are not random claims pulled out of a hat. Which is something the producer of this system (Arnold Palmer), seems to enjoy doing.

Official Scam Site:

What is Brexit Money Machines?

Brexit Money Machines is a brand new binary options auto trading software that is. Essentially, it is a robot that trades the financial markets for its users on 100% autopilot. This is done with the incorporation of sophisticated trading algorithms as well as cutting edge pattern recognition technology. This may sound fancy at first but there are many other auto traders available on the market and each one of them has a different approach/strategy in which it operates. This one, however, claims to be able to make users hundreds of thousands of dollars in under a week.

How does Brexit Money Machines software work?

The software under review supposedly focuses on profiting from trades related to the Great British Pound (GBP), which is at a 30-year low. This is due to the recent Brexit vote which saw the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Apparently, Brexit has created the biggest “Money-Making Goldmine” the trading world has ever seen. Big banks are pulling out billions of dollars from the UK due to the current instability. Every time this happens, the British Pound weakens and the Brexit Money Machines capitalize on this opportunity.

The explanation seems to make sense so far, but how does the software automate all of this? Apparently, the automation is handled by PHOENIX, an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) platform with “deep learning” capabilities. Since Phoenix is a cloud-based A.I, it never sleeps and is able to quickly identify thousands of profitable trading opportunities that arise, with the precision of a “military sniper”. Arnold Palmer claims his Brexit Money Machines has an incredible 98.4% trading accuracy. What this means is out of every 100 trades Phoenix executes, only 2 are inaccurate while the other 98 trades are winners.

Brexit Money Machines Scam $2,000 Pop ups

Is Brexit Money Machines a Scam or is it Legit?

We have reason to believe it is a scam, just like 95% of the other online binary scams we review. They all pretend to be the 5% that are actually legitimate, but the truth is far different. Let’s investigate some of the evidence before drawing any more definitive conclusions. The first thing we notice upon landing on is the annoying pop-up that appears everytime we try to exit the web page. Even if the mouse pointer accidentally scrolls to the very top of the page, the pop-up appears, promising a $2,000 bonus  if we stay and sign up.

This raises a big red flag. In our experience reviewing binary options services, we notice only phony scams make use of spammy pop-ups such as these to keep their audience’s attention. It’s almost as if they’re begging you to stay so that they can “make you rich”. Think about it, why would anyone pay YOU to help make YOU wealthy? It just doesn’t make sense, financially speaking. Legitimate services shouldn’t have to beg their audience to stay or sign up since the products/systems should sell themselves.

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Testimonials from successful members

Legitimate testimonials are a great way to market a product/service. However, using fabricated testimonials is usually an indication of foul play and can break a product/service.  The members area has numerous testimonials from members who claim to be having a lot of success with their system. Upon investigation, we realize the testimonials are not as authentic as they seem to be. They are merely random images of people stolen from the internet that are coupled with random names along with a self-written testimonial. Take Mike P. from the UK, for example. He apparently made $180,656 with the Brexit Money Machine software. In reality, Mike P. is actually Imran Abbas, an actor from Pakistan who has never even heard of this hoax! scam review

Other Scam Findings:

  1. Unrealistic Profits – $25,000 in daily profits from binary options  is a ridiculous amount to GUARANTEE, from a small investment of $250. A trader would need a minimum trading capital of at least $100,000 in order to consistently generate profits like these. We always encourage our readers to start off with the lowest investment possible even when signing up for the services we endorse, that are proven to be profitable.
  2. Limited Spots – Apparently, there are only “100 spots” available for people to test the Brexit Money Machines. When the introduction video begins, there’s a small counter on the left that states there are only 45 spots available and that number slowly counts down to zero. If you refresh the page, the countdown starts at 45 again. Clearly, these are bogus claims and countdowns!
  3. $2,000 Bonus Trap – The $2,000 bonus may seem like a good incentive to give this bogus system a shot. In reality, it is just another trap. We often advise traders to stay away from ALL bonus offers as they usually come with hidden terms and conditions that may restrict withdrawals from an account for a certain duration. These bonuses are more suitable for traders with experience who do not have the need to withdraw their profits quickly.

Review Conclusion: Brexit Money Machines is a Dangerous SCAM!

We see no reason why it is deserving of any investments. The only people who are gullible enough to sign up will undoubtedly realize that Brexit Money Machines only goal is to steal from its investors. Any service that uses these many deceptive marketing tactics to promote their services is definitely a scam. We will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services along with the other fraudulent systems we review. We work hard to keep our blacklist up to date so that we can help prevent more people from falling victim to scams such as the Brexit Money Machines.

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Do not be too discouraged, there are other much better alternatives for you to explore. They won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight but they can provide you with a decent source of secondary income. However, it is important that you read credible reviews from trusted blogs before participating. Sites like BinaryScamReview specialize in identifying scams and may be able to spot certain suspicious elements that you may have missed.

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