Brexit Bot Software Review – Paul Harrison’s Disgusting SCAM!!

Brexit or Britain’s exit from the European Union was in the news a few weeks back and now it is the Brexit Bot scam which is making the news!

This is just another attempt to trick people with another fake promise. The promise here, just like all other scams is to make a person become a millionaire in just two months. Any reasonable person will definitely not believe in but still there a few who will still consider the offer as it is made lucrative enough to make people think twice.

brexit bot scam review

If you are still giving brexit bot software a thought and wondering if it is a scam, here are some facts which will help you to decide. If you have received an invitation to check out the software and everything seems quite lucrative to you, you need to go through this unbiased Brexit bot review before you decide.

What Is brexitbot?

This is a new automated software developed by Paul Harrison. This system is said to be based on the exit of the UK from the European Union. Just like every other scam, Brexit bot software too claims to help people become a multi-millionaire in just a few weeks.

What Does Brexit Bot Software Do?

Mr. Harrison, in his video, explains that this is an automated robot which actually generates profits very consistently. The figures seem to be a bit unrealistic as it claims to come up with benefits of around $25,000 in a day and that too on auto pilot. Mr. Harrison explains that the auto trader works by placing binary options trades and focusing on GBP pairs. The winning ratio is claimed to have 92.3% accuracy. The video explains that due to fluctuating currency since Brexit, traders have a huge opportunity of making great profits on an everyday basis.

It is claimed that the robot will help traders make millions in just a few weeks. To make this amount, a person has to deposit just $250. This is a complete lie – no software can actually do this? Think for yourself – how can a software generate income? This is just another weird offer which is totally baseless and is designed to steal money.

Who is Paul Harrison?

Paul Harrison is said to be the person behind this automated software. We need to know more about him first, about his credibility and his experience in the industry. Paul Harrison is the voice narrator in the video who claims to be a Forex trader. He claims to have become a millionaire within weeks of using this software.

Paul harrison scam

Is Paul Harrison Trustworthy?

Mr. Harrison describes himself as an honest person who claims he does not need any money, but just wants to see people succeed. Why would he want that? We have no idea. Besides, Mr. Paul Harrison has no way of proving his claims and there is no proof of his past experience too. There is also no way of verifying if it is actually his voice we hear during the video presentation. It could easily be a voiceover actor going over a script, which is something most scam services do. He hides every important detail about the software and just insists on how people can make money in a short time.

Why You Should Not Trust Harrison?

There is no one by this name in the Forex Trade Market

He was never featured in any business news or financial journals.

His identity couldn’t be verified even after his claim of being a part of the financial market for years.

Brexitbot is not a registered company.

There is no proof about the credibility of Mr. Harrison

In fact, research has revealed that Mr. Harrison is a paid actor who reads a script in return for money. He has not developed the app and nor is he a millionaire.

Fake Testimonials:

Testimonials are fake and nothing but promotions by people who are paid for speaking in front of the camera. They are professionals who are just reading a script in return for money. No one has made millions by using their automated software.

In spite of spending a lot of time and effort during this research for brexitbot review, nothing has been found to prove the legitimacy of the program. The video is a complete lie and the money making opportunity is totally baseless and impossible. Brexit Bot is a scam! software

A Forced Urgency – Why such a rush?

If you have watched the presentation video at, you must have noticed the great urgency and aggressiveness with which the presenter speaks. He seems to be in a great hurry and does his best to instigate people to sign up as soon as possible. Paul also tries to make people believe that once the economy stabilizes, the opportunities will start closing and scope to make such quick money will vanish.

He tries to pressurize with his persuasion tactics (quite poor, though) and with visual tactics too. He mentions that he is giving away 50 free licenses ‘TODAY’ and as he reaches this 50th spot he will close the doors for new people. This is a simple tactic to ensure a mad rush for registration. But, why such urgency Mr. Harrison – perhaps because he wants to collect funds as soon as possible and then vanishes with all promises.

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Superficial Reputation :

All binary options robot’s websites have their stamps on approval at full display. This is a way to announce the reputation and credibility of the programs to build trust and faith. is no exception. Look at the stamps more closely – you will notice that none of these stamps make any sense. They are fake and cannot be trusted. Nothing seems genuine.

Brexit Bot Review  Conclusion: 100% Scam!

 There is plenty of evidence that suggests this system is indeed a fraud. We could keep going on about the many other scam elements we discovered but we don’t want to turn this into a 5000-word report. While there are some legitimate services out there that can help you make a decent income online, Brexit Bot definitely isn’t one of them. For this reason, we will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services. Please refer to our list in the future before taking up shady offers. It is important that you read credible reviews from trusted sources before taking part.

If you are looking for safer alternatives, visit our trusted services section. We test and review binary options services frequently to separate the legitimate services from the scams. The services we recommend are tested and proven to work. However, they will not earn you millions of dollars in under 1 month. That is a dream that only scam artists try and sell. Thank you for reading our Brexit Bot review, please leave us a comment below with feedback/questions. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond to each and every one of you. Trade safe!

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