Blazing Trader Scam – 100% Honest Review on John Strand! Read!!

Blazing Trader – Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

Blazing Trader is a newly launched binary options automated trader which is garnering strong social media presence. This software is being introduced as the magical App which prevents any losing trade – which means it is all about wins and no loss. This is where the suspicion arises, because in the binary trading scene, losses and wins go hand in hand. No software can assure you ‘only’ wins.

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Anyone who has the slightest tendency in investing in this software should read this Blazing Trader Review and know the truth behind this dangerous scam! Blazing trader software is a scam and we can prove this in our review. We start our review by knowing more about John Strand, the person who claims to be the owner of this scam software.

Who is John Strand?

John Strand is said to be the creator of this software. In, John tells us a story about his life and that he was a professor at Department of Applied Mathematics at the Zurich National Institute of Technology. We researched a bit and got in touch with the Institute, to know more about John! As expected, we found that no one ever worked there by the said name. This is the first evidence of Blazing Trader Scam because the identity of the owner/creator is fake. On our further Blazing Trader scam review, we found that John Strand has previously appeared in a previously busted scam – The Lie Detector Millionaire! This clearly means that Mr. Strand is just a fake actor who is paid to promote the scam software.

How Does Blazing Trader App Work?

It is important to know how the App works before you decide to invest your money. We learn from the that this App is designed to prevent any losing trades. It is explained that the app works by taking both the losing and winning trades and ultimately ends with the owner. Now – our experts couldn’t derive any logic from this explanation. This is totally confusing and misleading and nothing is understood about the working of the system.

False Earnings:

The presentation video explains how the App can help traders earn $20,000 every day. Anyone with little experience in the binary trading industry will tell you that this amount is almost impossible to earn in the trading industry. No trading app or even humans can assure such a huge amount that too on a daily basis. Any software which promises such huge profits is promoting a lie because this doesn’t happen in the real trading.

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100% Win, No Loss – False Claim:

This is another glaring proof of Blazing Trader scam! How can any auto trader claim that there will be no loss! It is known to all that Binary trading industry is a highly risky area, where profits or even losses can never be predicted. No matter what “blazing fast math algorithms” is used, 100% win ratio doesn’t exist in real life. In our Blazing Trader review, we found that this software targets the newbies in trading, who tend to believe in such stories about the software coming up with winning trades only. In reality, this is a totally rigged system which will cause only losses.

Targets New Traders or Novices:

The makers of this Blazing Trader scam software are well aware that this is just a money making tool and they cannot dupe experienced people. Hence, they are promoting this App and sending customized messages to people who have little or no experience in binary trading. The stories are full of false hopes and promises and nobody actually understands how profits can be made. Their main object is to direct traders to their website and induce them to register themselves so that the scammers can steal their money.

Difficult Withdrawal:

If you thought that you can withdraw your registration deposit, you need to know that it is a long and difficult process. In fact, you will not be able to withdraw because the system is not made for it and there is actually no withdrawal provision. There are a number of conditions which need to be fulfilled and the trick is that none of these conditions can actually be fulfilled. This is just a trap to invite deposits from traders.

Fake Reviews/Testimonials:

You will find a number of reviews on the official website, but in our research, we found that all these reviews are fake or false. We tried to find out more about the people in the testimonials and found that all photographs are stolen bank photos or images taken from the internet, without their consent or approval. They are displayed just to convince traders that people have used the software and benefited a lot. These reviews are false and totally misleading with the intention of confusing traders.

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Verdict – Is Blazing Trader A Scam?

Yes, Blazing Trader is a 100% scam!

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In our detailed and honest Blazing Trader review, we could not find anything trustworthy or genuine with the software. The identity of the owner couldn’t be verified, how the App works are not explained, testimonials and reviews are fake and no other detail could be verified about the software. We found that several people have already been cheated just as they deposited their money. The internet is already flooded with complaints related to the software and several websites have already blacklisted it. This is a total fraud and dangerous App which is presented with the sole intention of robbing your money. Stay away from this scam and let your friends know about it too!

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