Bitcoin Money Machine is a SCAM!! – Honest Review Explains WHY!!

Bitcoin Money Machine SCAM – CONFIRMED! Read The Full REVIEW

Bitcoin Money Machine is the new automated trading website or rather a scam site which has already claimed thousands of victims, with it’s clever and convincing sales pitch. The website is promoting the software using clever sales tactics and trying to influence traders and motivating them to invest their money, in returns of huge profits. It is being promoted as one of the most profitable ways to make quick money online.

Please read our complete Bitcoin Money Machine Review to get a clear vision of this scam software and how it is ready to cheat traders.

bitcoin money machine scam review

How does Bitcoin Money Machine Software work?

This is one of the most guarded secrets. During our research for Bitcoin Money Machine review, we found that a certain advanced artificial intelligence technology is used, which is based on cloud servers. This algorithm is referred to as EMILI. The truth is that these are all stories, probably to create hype. All stories about artificial intelligence are quite bizarre. Binary options are quite simple and are easily accessible for users, but here things are kept quite secretive.

Now, let us glance through all those reasons/ proofs which have compelled us to declare Bitcoin Money Machine – scam software. Keep reading and decide for yourself!

Who is the creator?

Well – no one knows about the real creators of the software. No information is available about the founder or CEO. There is no company name or physical address shared on the official site as well. Well – this is typical and common for all scam offers. Obviously, the developers wish to stay away because they know about their own fraud.

If you visit the website, you will come across a video. It is all about the latest money making technology and how people can benefit from the technology. Warren Young (voice) claims to be an underground-trader. He claims to make $264,300.75 in just 14 days with the help of this Bitcoin Money Machine software.

Now, let’s get into some real facts. Mr. Young does not actually exist. No information is available about him online. His profile does not exist – so, will you believe any person whose identity couldn’t be verified?

Unprofessional Presentation:

If you visit the website, you will be surprised by the cheaply designed presentation page. There is just one promotional video which starts rolling as the page loads. It is covered with voice over acting and you never get to the see the person. Why would anyone believe in such a poorly made website? What is the logic behind the hidden scam artist? One more question which remained unanswered is why would the people behind this amazing software wish to hide their identity? Are they afraid of something?

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Unrealistic Profits:

Bitcoin Money Machine scam site is all about unrealistic facts and figures. It is impossible for any artificial based intelligent system (EMILI) to generate as much as $264,300.75 in just 14 days. This is totally unrealistic and impossible. That is not all – it is said that profits and losses are usually determined on the basis of initial investment done and also on money management strategy which is being used.

98% Success Rate Claim – False:

Bitcoin Money Machine software is known to work on an autopilot system. It is claimed to have more than 98% success in winning trades. The anonymous voice explains that traders who choose to use the system can make a profit of $1000 in a day. He claims that the app leverages trades which are based on Japanese yen. This is all false and misleading because binary trading is a risky industry where the winning rate cannot be assured. No one can predict wins and such high rate is unlikely. Even the best binary options auto traders we have tested only maintain an average winning trade accuracy of about 80-85%. software

Unregulated Brokers

This is certainly a red flag. You will realize that traders can make a deposit with only one brokerage group, where you can place your deposit. Though the software is Free, but traders need to make a deposit to start trading. The risky part is that the brokers mentioned are not insured. They are not regulated too. This implies that a trader’s money disappears, the trader cannot do anything to recover the money. This is one of the best proofs of Bitcoin Money Machine being a scam.

False Withdrawal Promise:

The anonymous voice makes several false promises which include same day withdrawals of profits. He says that money can be withdrawn on the same day if the request is sent by 2pm. This is absolutely a false promise since transactions do not happen so quick!

Fake Certifications:

If you visit, you will come across a fake certification. People should be aware that if anyone has a license to secure systems, a valid link is usually placed on the website which proves that it is secure. If you click on the badges, you will notice that all badges present in this for Bitcoin Money Machine scam site actually do not lead to anywhere. That is not all – several subscribers have complained about malware issues.

Fabricated Social Media Testimonials:

This is another proof of the Bitcoin Money Machine scam. If you check the Facebook testimonials, you will notice that none of the testimonials are clickable. If these were true and honest reviews, you would be able to link back to their Facebook page and probably interact. Here, this is not possible. All testimonials are false and fabricated to cheat traders.

No Endorsements, Negative Reviews In Search Engines

The software is said to be very famous and much acclaimed – then why are there no endorsements? However, if you do an online search, you will come across several negative reviews and scam reports. People have already been cheated and lost their money in this scam.

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Verdict – Is Bitcoin Money Machine a scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam. We will be adding them to our blacklist. Our Bitcoin Money Machine review has provided us plenty of information about this website. No evidence is found to support the validity of the system. Nothing is found to verify the claims. All testimonials have been found to be fake. The software is also not able to generate such winning bitcoin trades. People are being fooled by a paid actor. It is time to be aware and stay away from this scam. If you believe anything which is said in the video, you are going to be disappointed.

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