Binary Profit System Scam Review – 5 Reasons to AVOID!!

Binary Profit System is a new binary options Scam disguised as a profitable auto-trading platform. Since it’s launch several days ago, we have received numerous emails from dissatisfied customers with complaints regarding the system. We discovered many different scam-like elements during our investigation of the Binary Profit System scam. We will be exposing the results of our investigation in this comprehensive Binary Profit System review. Do not make any investment decisions without first reading this review through to the end or you might regret it later.

Binary Profit System Scam Review

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Binary Profit System Review

We’re gonna skip the backstory here and dive straight into the different fraudulent marketing methods used to promote the Binary Profit System scam. A few minutes into the introduction video, we see a recorded testimonial from a user who supposedly earned $1.4 million dollars in profits within 4 months of using the Binary Profit System. We immediately knew this wasn’t true since we recognized the guy from previous binary options scams we have reviewed. In reality, he is nothing but a paid Fiverr actor who provides fake testimonial services for a small fee of $5. This guy seems to be a favourite among scammers, we’ve seen his fake testimonials used at least 5 times over the past 2 months. Here’s a link to his Fiverr gig.

The Binary Profit System claims to be able to produce an average of $2,500 in daily profits for its users. This is simply ridiculous and is virtually unheard of in the binary options industry, especially with a minimum deposit of $250. Even the best performing auto-traders, such as the NEO², doesn’t make such ridiculous claims. A realistic amount to expect from a profitable software would be $200-400 in daily profits, depending on your investment. Anyone who makes promises/guarantees of thousands of dollars a day or millions in a couple of months is usually just out to get your money. If you ever see a claim like this again, just leave the offer and look for something more realistic and reliable.

Binary Profit System Review Scam

Binary Profit System Scam Software?

The Binary Profit System is full of lies and deception. They even make use of fake Twitter comments to appear legitimate to unsuspecting traders. Their Twitter handle @binaryprofitsystem doesn’t even exist, yet there’s a section on their site showing ‘tweets’ from other users thanking them for the success they had. This is highly deceptive and we are certain a lot of people might have fallen for this trick. A simple search on Twitter is all it takes to debunk the existence of the @binaryprofitsystem account. Those comments were most probably self-written by the crooks behind the Binary Profit System and is a pathetic attempt at misleading their viewers.

Fake Twitter Comments

We also found the ‘Live Third Party Verified Results’ table on their website to be suspicious. Upon further investigation, we discovered these results were faked as well. It seems like everything about the Binary Profit System is faked/fabricated. Every trader knows that the financial markets are closed for trading on the weekends. This makes trading then impossible! Yet, the live trading results show several successful trades made on the 4th and 5th of June which fall on the weekend. How are they able to generate winning trades when the financial markets are closed? Clearly, these fraudsters are not very bright. The whole Binary Profits System scam looks like a low production scam, the equivalent of a high-school class project.

Fabricated Trade Results

We found more fabricated testimonials on their website but we think it should be pretty obvious by now why you should not trust this system. It is nothing but a blatant scam that’s out to rob new binary options traders out of their hard-earned money!

Binary Profit System Review Conclusion: Massive SCAM! AVOID!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Binary Profit System Scam Review. We hope you are not too discouraged to find out the whole system is indeed a scam. Binary options can be a very profitable niche for new traders but it certainly won’t make you a millionaire overnight. These are nothing but lies fed to you  by scammers who are looking to make a quick buck at your expense. We strongly encourage you to read credible reviews from trusted sources before making any decision to invest into a system.

Here at BSR. we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. 95% of the services we review are scams and are added to our blacklist. If you are looking to get started with a reliable automated system, visit our recommended services section.

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