Binary Pot of Gold Review – A Tanaka Cargill Group SCAM?? Must Read!

Did you get an invitation to join the Binary Pot of Gold program? Trying to gauge the credibility or rather the reliability of this group? You reading this review is a small indication of the fact that you are interested in joining the Tanaka Cargill Group!

The craze is all about the automated trading system which offers 15 spots for their Binary Pot Of Gold Software. Is it trustworthy? With so many scams going around, it is really difficult to distinguish between a genuine program and a scam! You need to understand some facts, analyze a few details and then decide. Here is a brief review of Binary Pot Of Gold.

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binary pot of gold scam review

What is Binary Pot Of Gold?

This software or the automated app developed by billionaire Russell Cargill and James Tanaka has been going viral for a couple of days. Many traders are showing a keen interest in this app with the hopes of bringing a magical change in their financial luck and with dreams of a fulfilling and prosperous life. The promotional video claims to bring a change in your financial status in a short time. But, before you choose to respond to any invitation you have received to join the program, you need to know some significant facts about the program.

Know More About Tanaka Cargill Group:

Before we proceed further, we need to know more about this group which is behind this automated program. The group is created by James Tanaka and funded by Russell Cargill. They are a group of online traders. Those who choose to join their group will be trading with their specialized automated robot and are known to be earning profits by simply using the unique algorithm of the software.

Now, who is James Tanaka and Russell Cargill? You will be surprised that not much information is available about the duo. We are actually made to believe that both of them are using their aliases. Perhaps, they do not wish to reveal they’re true identities in public – but why? This is one of the reasons, why it is so difficult to review the website or even to identify the people behind the group. Russell Cargill is also not the owner of Binary Pot of Gold but he is believed to possess shares of the group.

Check Out The Group Website:

Check out the website, and you will come across their promotional video. If you have watched the presentation for the Binary Pot of Gold software, you will notice that nothing much is revealed about the software, in this short 5-minute video. It is claimed that the software is going to change your life positively, but it fails to explain how? Is this a warning sign – a probable indication of scam?

tanaka cargill group scam review

Binary Pot Of Gold – What Is This About?

Now, getting into the details of the scam program which is luring several investors online! Binary Pot of Gold is an automated system. This is about an interesting binary options robot which is programmed to offer the users an auto trading algorithm. The program is developed by James Tanaka, who claims to have made a fortune using this program.

But, how will the system work? No one knows how the automated system will help to make profits. If you do some research, you will know that every registered company or reputable organization in the binary options industry offer some details about their program. The audience is updated about the capabilities of the software, how it works and how it can change financial status of an individual. Even the equations and the algorithms which are a crucial part of the program are said to be forged – perhaps by their own strategies. The outcomes are totally imaginary and hint the existence of scam. Why is nothing explained to the audience who will be funding the account?

Since much information is still not available about the creator and developer, Mr. James Tanaka, it is really very difficult to vouch for the credibility of the group or to label them as a scam.

The question which still puzzles investors is whether the Binary Pot Of Gold can be trusted? Is it worth taking the risk? In all honesty and going by the facts available with a bunch of unanswered questions, experts believe that this is a scam program. Your funds are at risk because nothing is clear and definite about the program. No logic is explained, the owners do not have much credibility and market analysis reveals that it is not easy to make such profits so quickly. It is extremely difficult to confirm that the system will work because there is no evidence to prove or support the fact. is gaining immense scrutiny all over and is being analyzed by traders who are seeking answers to many questions. People still have a desire to upgrade and update their income, but the missing part of this puzzle is what needs some scrutiny. When faced with this kind of software, with very little information available, it is always a wise idea to do some research yourself. The Tanaka Cargill Group software promises a lot but comes across with a number of missing links and unexplained theories. Thus, it is best to trust your intelligence, be sure about the facts and invest only if you are certain it will lead to a positive experience.

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Review Verdict: Inconclusive! Not enough evidence.

Would you like to make deposits just on the basis of assumptions and promises? Wouldn’t you like to know how you are going to make profits? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then there might be better options out there for you. We can’t label Binary Pot of Gold as a scam just yet so sign up at your own risk.

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