Binary Interceptor Scam Review – Viral Hoax Investigation!

The Binary Interceptor Software is a huge SCAM! We have completed our investigation into this hoax and will be reporting our findings in this review. Do not invest any money into this deceptive system before first reading our entire review on Robert Harper and the Binary Interceptor App. We are confident that you will change the way you look at this fraudulent system after going through our audit:

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Official Scam Site: BinaryInterceptor.Com

Robert Harper’s Binary Interceptor Review

The Binary Interceptor Software is an auto trader that was apparently created by Robert Harper. He claims to be a very rich Binary Options trader and mentor who has been in the industry for over 5 years. He boasts that 80% of millionaire Binary Options traders were once his students. Robert also claims to be the greatest binary options Mentor around. All these big claims yet we have not heard of him even once.

Robert then promises to make you the next wealthy binary options trader. He will assign to you a real life startup specialist who will guide you on your way to $10,000 a month. If this isn’t enough, he’s also going to give you his bonus Binary App called the Binary Interceptor. Allegedly, this app is capable of “intercepting financial data” from the biggest financial cities around the world. The app then processes this data and trades for you automatically. These are some pretty big claims/promises. Will he be able to deliver? We highly doubt it.

Is Binary Interceptor a Hoax?

It most definitely is. First of all, we were unable to find any trace of “Robert Harper” online. No social media profiles or websites of any sort. Even of our professional trader friends have not heard of this guy. For someone who claims to be such an influential person, you would expect him to have some sort of online presence. Honestly, we did not need to analyze this much to figure out that Robert Harper isn’t a real person. He is a made up character portrayed by a paid actor. Just like the one who appeared in this scam we reviewed yesterday. Paid actors seem to be the trend with the recent waves of binary options systems that aim to rip off new traders.

If you watched the whole Binary Interceptor presentation video, you probably remember Derek. He’s one of the 3 “lucky students” that made thousands of dollars in just a couple of hours. It turns out Derek is a paid actor too. We recognized him almost immediately from a different scam we investigated called Virtual Income. Over in Virtual Income, Derek acted as the owner of the system. The producers must not have liked his acting very much considering he got demoted to the “student” role in this scam. 😉

Binary Interceptor Actor Virtual Income Scam

Now that we’ve debunked the video presentation, we can move to the other suspicious findings in our audit:

Suspicious Claims & Fake Badges

As we land on the page of the Binary Interceptor we are bombarded with ridiculous claims and guarantees. The first claim is that the Binary Interceptor auto trader has a 100% win rate and is guaranteed to make you $58,000 every week. It is common knowledge in binary options (or trading in general) that it is impossible to maintain a 100% accuracy over a period of time. Don’t get us wrong, some traders or software are able to achieve those results but for not more than a couple of consecutive days.

Even the Copy Buffet auto trader was capable of giving us a 4-day 100% win streak. But it never made such bold claims or guarantees. If the Binary Interceptor Software was able to guarantee you $58,000 a week, you would have first heard about it from the newspapers and not some phony email or internet advertisement. The deception doesn’t stop there. We found fake badges and SSL certificates sprinkled all over their web page. This is just another attempts to deceive users into thinking they are reputable or trusted. It’s a very common tactic used in schemes that aim to steal money off unsuspecting visitors.

Binary Interceptor Suspicious Badges and Claims

Investigation Conclusion: Binary Interceptor is a SCAM!

We’ve most certainly seen enough to label Binary Interceptor a scam and will be adding it to our Blacklist! Hopefully, we’ve managed to prevent you and others from falling victim to this scam. We also hope that by going through this analysis you are more aware of the dangers present in the online space and will be able to spot scams a lot better the next time. If you are looking to get into binary options trading, we highly recommend you visit our trusted signals page as well as our reputable broker page. Be sure that none of these services will make you ridiculous guarantees of 100% win rates or $58,000 a week, but they will provide you with a safe place to start trading.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Binary Interceptor Scam Review. We sincerely hope you found it useful. If you have any inquiries or feedback, feel free leave us a comment below. You can also contact us here. We do our best to respond to all inquiries and feedback within 24 hours.

Trade safe,

Binary Scam Review Team

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