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The Binary Brain Trust scam by Martin Clayton makes some pretty ridiculous promises/guarantees in its introduction video. Apparently, this system is capable of generating its users more than $5,000 in daily profits. Since its launch, the Binary Brain trust system has been on the receiving end of a ton of negative feedback. Pay no attention to the other fake review websites and emails which promote this system. Our goal with this Binary Brain Trust review is to warn potential investors of the dangers of signing up with a fraudulent software such as this one. Be sure to read this review through to the end or you might regret it later.

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Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Binary Brain Trust Review

Martin Clayton is the founder and owner of the Binary Brain Trust system. He claims to have developed the system over 5 years ago to ‘guarantee profits’ for his clients.  Martin Clayton also says he has a team of 55 professionals working for him from offices all around the world. These ‘professional traders’ are in charge of analyzing the financial markets for trends/patterns as well as executing profitable trades. The Binary Brain Trust system basically works on the concept of trade copying. Anytime his team of traders executes a trade, the Binary Brain Trust system copies the exact trade for you. The whole idea behind trade copying is a legitimate one and we do not have a problem with that.

The real concern we have is with the Binary Brain Trust company and its founder, Martin Clayton. Most of the claims he has made are unverifiable. For instance, he claims his company has been trading for over 5 years in Wall Street, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other big financial cities. Yet, we are not able to find any evidence of the company’s activities or existence. It isn’t even a registered company. A simple Who.Is search on Binary Brain Trust’s website reveals the domain was only created on the 21st of April 2016, making it less than 3 months old (at the time of writing). We find it hard to believe that a successful trading company which has been operating for over 5 years only has a 3-month-old webpage.

Binary Brain Trust Review Scam

Is Binary Brain Trust a SCAM?

We are pretty certain it is. First of all, the Binary Brain Trust scam ‘guarantees‘ its users a minimum of $5,000 in daily profits, with no investment required. Both these statements are lies. To be using any binary options system, a minimum deposit of $250 is required to fund an account with a broker. Without a binary options broker account, trading and generating profits are simply not possible. Secondly, to generate consistent daily profits of $5,000 in binary options, traders need a trading capital of at least $25,000. Even with that much capital it’s still quite impossible to promise or guarantee daily earnings of $5,000.

Binary Options is a very lucrative form of trading with the potential to earn traders/investors quick profits. However, it does come with some risk as the financial markets can never be predicted with absolute certainty. The best a trader/investor can do is make an educated guess or speculate which way the market is going to move. For these reasons, it is impossible to promise or guarantee minimum earnings. Only fraudulent systems such as the Binary Brain Trust scam will make such outrageous claims to entice potential investors. Unfortunately for us, the deception does not end there.

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Fake Testimonials on BinaryBrainTrust.Co

Upon landing on the members area, we notice a bunch of testimonials from users who are apparently having a lot of ‘success’ with the Binary Brain Trust system. One testimonial in particular got our attention as we immediately recognize one of the users. ‘Jin Park’ from ‘Singapore’ supposedly made $1.9 million dollars in 1.5 years of using the Binary Brain Trust scam software. We know for a fact this isn’t true because Jin Park isn’t even a real person. The image being used to portray him actually belongs to Jon Q from Canada! He is a design engineer whom we once had the pleasure of working with. Here’s a link to his Twitter profile.

Binary Brain Trust Software Review

If that’s not bad enough, the scammers behind the Binary Brain Trust hoax also make use of fake security badges to appear legitimate. These badges from McAfee and Veri Sign do not carry any weight as they are not official certificates from these security companies. If they are official badges, clicking on them would take you to the respective companies licenses. Instead, these fake badges are unclickable. Even the endorsements from Forbes, CNN, and Huff Post are fake as well. We looked through the archives of these individual sites and found no mention of the Binary Brain Trust software anywhere. Clearly, these logos are nothing but strategic placements to appear ‘credible’ or ‘legitimate’ to their potential investors.

Binary Brain Trust Review Verdict: Massive SCAM – Avoid at all cost!

Any company that uses these many deceptive marketing tactics to promote their product is definitely not one worthy of an investment. We conclude our Binary Brain Trust review by labeling them a scam and will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services. Please refer back to our blacklist in the future before signing up with any suspicious system. It is important that you read credible reviews before participating with any offer that is thrown at you.

95% of the binary options service we review are just scams that are out to make a quick buck. Only 5% of them are legitimate services that are worth investing in. Here at BinaryScamReview, we test and review binary options services frequently. We rely heavily on positive user feedback and testing before endorsing any system/software. If you’re looking for a reliable system to get you started on your journey of making an income online, visit our recommended services section. Copy Buffet seems to be rising in popularity again for the money of July.

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