Bank Tracker Bot Scam or Legit? Honest Review – Must READ!

Bank Tracker Bot Scam is a new binary options hoax that’s disguised as a profitable auto trader. In today’s Bank Tracker Bot review, we aim to expose some of the well-hidden truths we uncovered during our investigation of this suspicious trading robot. We received a number of e-mails from new traders who tried the system and had their trading account balances wiped in just a few hours. Do not invest money into the shady Bank Tracker Bot without first reading this review through to the end. We are certain you will change your outlook on their software by the end of this review.

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review

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Bank Tracker Bot Review

The Bank Tracker Bot Review begins with its presenter, Michael George, warming us up to the idea of joining the elite 1% of the world. The people who spend 2-3 hours a day working yet earn more money than they can ever spend in a lifetime. Everyone wants to be a part of the elite group and Michael claims that his Bank Tracker Bot is our key to getting there. Will the software actually deliver as he promised? We highly doubt it. In our experience reviewing scams, 90% of them make these same exact claims and none of them actually follow through with their promise. The Bank Tracker Bot is no different.

Michael George from the Bank Tracker Bot isn’t even who he claims to be. We looked high and low for traces of his existence both offline and online but found nothing. No Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles connected to him. You would expect someone who is in the top 1% and who also has an IT background to at least have some social media presence/activity. Truth be told, Michael George is just a paid actor who was hired by the real crooks behind the Bank Tracker Bot scam, who remain hidden. They chose him to be the face of this scam so that they can remain anonymous to avoid criminal charges down the road when they inevitably get busted.

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Elements

Upon landing on the Bank Tracker Bot website, we notice a bunch of image/testimonials from users who supposedly had a lot of ‘success’ with the Bank Tracker Bot software. Take the one from Wyatt Fowler who lives in Germany, for example. Wyatt apparently has an account balance of almost $50,000 from using the robot under investigation. We immediately knew this wasn’t true as we recognized the same exact image being used in a previous scam we reviewed called the Greenwood Formula. Over there, he was known as Steven Eartrum who lives in Canada and made $750,000 in profits. This gives us reason to believe that the same crooks are behind both these scams since similar images were used but we could be wrong. The guys real name is Tom Coquereau, a front-end architect from France.

Bank Tracker Bot Review Scam

The Bank Tracker Bot supposedly has a 98.7% trading accuracy. This means if the robot made 100 trades for you, only 2 of those trades would be wrong/lost trades. This is just ridiculous and is virtually unheard of in the binary options industry. If there ever was a software capable of maintaining even a 95% accuracy, the biggest traders and hedge fund owners would gladly spend hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire it. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this opportunity was instead provided to us, free of charge. Yeah, right. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Even the best auto-trading software we tested was only able to maintain an 80-85% win rate, which is more than enough to keep traders in profit. 98% accuracies are a dream which only scammers try and sell, in hopes of making a quick buck.

That’s not all we discovered during our Bank Tracker Bot review. We also found fake endorsements from big companies such as Adidas, Toyota, HSBC, Heineken, BBC, CNN Money, and many more. None of these companies are associated with the Bank Tracker Bot scam. They were falsely used by these malicious scam-artists to appear legitimate. Technically, they could get sued but I’m sure these big companies have a thousand new cases like these appearing every day and do not have the time to deal with all of them. They even make use of fabricated Twitter and Facebook comments to seem more credible. We assure you these comments are fabricated the same way the testimonials were.  If they were real Facebook/Twitter comments, clicking on them would take you to the actual profiles of the people who left those comments. None of the links on the Bank Tracker Bot scam social media feed are clickable, proving they are not real.

Bank Tracker Bot Review Conclusion: Major SCAM! Avoid!

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Do not be too discouraged, there are other much better alternatives to help you in your journey of making an income online. Binary options is a very lucrative field that is steadily gaining the attention of new and experienced traders. At the same time, it also attracts a lot of scammers. It is important that you are able to distinguish the legitimate services from the fraudulent ones. One of the ways to do this is by researching systems and reading reviews from credible sources that remain unbiased.

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