The Azure Method is a Disgusting SCAM!! Trusted Review with Facts!!

The Azure Method by Anthony Azure is the latest binary options scam to hit the market. Disguised as a profitable auto trader, this software aims to lure unsuspecting newbie traders into its trap before robbing them of their hard-earned money. There has been a lot of negative buzz around them since their launch a couple of days ago, so we decided to investigate the system further before drawing any more conclusions. We encourage you to read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions, you will thank us later.

Azure Method Scam Review

Let’s start with their first deceptive statement, the Azure Method is a “NO LOSS” software. This is a claim we see very often in most fraudulent services we review. Its only intention is to capture the attention of potential victims and has no truth behind it whatsoever. There is no software, algorithm, computer, or professional trader that is able to predict the financial markets with 100% accuracy. It simply does not exist. If such a system were to ever exist, the biggest Wall Street brokers would spend billions of dollars to acquire it, and after just days or weeks of using it, the entire financial market would CRASH! We cannot entertain this ridiculous claim any further so we will be moving on to our next point:

Azure Method Scam Findings

There are a ton of testimonials stuffed into the introduction video of the Azure Method as well as on their website. These testimonials are from people who supposedly have had ‘success’ in making hundreds of thousands of dollars with this suspicious platform. We assure you none of these are true. The guys you see in the video are paid actors who were hired to make this giant hoax seem more believable. Even the testimonials on their members only area are all made up.

We know this for a fact because we recognized some of them from previous scams we have reviewed. Testimonials are extremely important in determining legitimacy, and they can make or break a product or company. Using fabricated testimonials is not a good way to win your customers over as it is extremely deceptive and ruins any credibility a service like the Azure Method may have. Take a look at the image below. The image of the man depicted in the photo for an Azure Method review was previously used in other fraudulent services as well, such as the Brit Method. Notice how all of them are related to money, profits, and success?

Azure Method Fabricated Testimonials

Now, let’s talk about Anthony Azure and his company Azure Method Ltd. We searched high and low for traces of him and his company but found no evidence of their existence. For someone who claims to be an influential person in the binary options industry and who has worked for the biggest brokerage firms, it’s highly suspicious how he has no social media or online presence. Even our experienced trader friends have not heard of this guy or his company. It is very likely Anthony Azure and Azure Method Ltd are made up characters and companies.

Once again, these are common tactics employed by crooks when marketing their fraudulent services. They hire paid actors and make-up characters to be the face of their scams, while they remain hidden behind the scenes to avoid criminal charges when they inevitably get busted. Would you really trust a service that is represented by these phony characters? These scammers should learn a thing or two from legitimate services such as the NEO² Software, BSR’s top recommended service as it is backed by real binary options mentor, Michael Freeman. Hiding behind fake identities won’t get them anywhere.

Free Broker Bonus?

We noticed another filthy trick that was repeated at least 3 times in the presentation video, which is the matching bonus you will get from their broker. If you deposit $250 into your trading account, the broker matches your deposit which leaves you with $500 to trade with. This sounds great at first but when you realize the implications of the bonus, you will choose to stay away. The moment you accept a bonus from a broker, you enter into a contract in which you are not allowed to withdraw any of your funds until you have completed a certain trade volume which is imposed by the broker, usually 30-50 times the deposit amount.

Let’s say you choose to fund your account with $1,000, you will not be able to withdraw any of your funds until you reach a trading volume of $30,000 – $50,000. The fact that they keep insisting you accept the bonus raises a big red flag and is an indication that these fraudsters are working together with a broker in attempts to cheat people of their money. We urge you to rethink your decision if you were considering signing up with the Azure Method Scam. We’ve seen more than enough here to label this system a FRAUD!

Azure Method Review Conclusions: Stay away, Massive HOAX!

Trading binary options is a very lucrative field but it should not be mistaken for a ‘get-rich-quick’ type scheme. These ridiculous guarantees and claims of making you hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month are ones that are only used by scam artists, like the people behind Azure Method. However, do not be too discouraged. There are better alternatives to help you in your journey of making an income online. Visit our recommended services section for an updated list of reputable services.

UPDATE: We have cleared our list to only include 2 of our highest performing services, so as to maintain the integrity of our endorsements.

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