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The Alive in 5 Software is not your average binary options money-making scheme. It appears to be a very convincing scam as it has already robbed thousands of people in just a matter of days! We decided to audit the Alive in 5 system after receiving complaints from our readers. We will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive review. Do not invest any money into this system before first reading our entire review to uncover the details behind this deceptive scam.

Alive in 5 Scam Review

Alive in 5 Paid Actors!

Official Scam Website: AliveIn5.Com

Alive in 5 Review Analysis

In this review, we would like to highlight some of the deceptive scam tactics employed by the Alive in 5 software and it’s alleged CEO Brandon Graham. A lot of money went into the production of this scam to make it a convincing one. The Alive in 5 system has the usual scam elements most fraudulent schemes make use of such as flashy cars, expensive houses, paid actors, fabricated trading results and guarantees of unlimited wealth.

Let’s start with Brandon Graham, who is not actually the CEO of the Alive in 5 Software. He is merely a paid actor lending his services to the real guys behind this malicious scam who of course, want to remain hidden. This is by no means a new tactic as 99% of the scams we review involve paid actors. A simple search on Google and Social Media brings back no results of a “millionaire” Brandon Graham. Someone who is capable of making a homeless man wealthy (as claimed in the video) would have made news around the globe and surely wouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Brandon’s supposed girlfriend in the presentation video is also a paid actress. We recognised her immediately from other viral scams we reviewed like the Trade Tracker Pro, where she plays a waitress named Marissa. She seems to be a favourite amongst con-artists as many of them like to acquire her services. This is most likely due to the fact that she is able to lure unsuspecting financial traders into scams with her big “assets” 😉

Alive in 5 Paid Actress


Those are not the only paid-for services acquired by the Alive in 5 team to deceive their victims. The Porsche and Maserati in the video are just rentals from MCarCompay. That explains why none of them have registered licence plate numbers. If you take a close look at the Porsche in  the video, you can clearly see the top half of “MCARCOMPANY” at the bottom of the license plate. This is the same rental company used by the Free Money Guaranteed scam we recently reviewed and we have reason to believe they were produced by the same people. It’s scary to imagine just how much money these serial scammers have tricked people into giving them.

More Alive in 5 Scam Findings

Apart from paid actors and rentals, we also found evidence of Alive in 5 using fabricated trade results in it’s “Live Trades” section. This section can only be viewed on the next page after entering your e-mail. The second page appears to be more spammy/scammy than the first page. Fake countdown timers, trade results, and fake testimonials are sprinkled all over the second page. The countdown is just there to rush you into making a bad decision. It’s a typical psychological trick where they get you to think you could potentially lose your spot if you don’t act fast enough. They do this to eliminate the time needed for their victims to do some research and come to the conclusion that the system is indeed a hoax.

As for the live results, we know for a fact that they are fabricated. The results shown are merely generated by an intelligent script that’s matching numbers to asset pairs. Unfortunately for them, the script isn’t intelligent enough to realize that the financial markets are closed on weekends which makes trading then impossible. The 23rd and 24th of April are both weekends, yet the Live Results section are updated with plenty of trades. This is extremely deceptive.

Alive in 5 Fabricated Results

Trades on weekends?

Review Verdict: Alive in 5 Software is a SCAM!

It should be obvious by now how this whole thing forms into a giant hoax. We have seen more than enough use of deceptive tactics to market this system and will be labeling the Alive in 5 software a scam! We will also be adding it to our blacklist. However, do not be too discouraged. There are other legitimate services that you can use to make an income online, like the NEO² Software. It is highly endorsed by all the binary options authority blogs. It won’t make you a millionaire overnight but let’s be real, nothing will… except winning the lottery.

NEO2 Sign Up


Thank you for taking the time to read our Alive in 5 Scam Review. We certainly hope it has benefited you. Please share this with your friends on social media to help prevent more people from falling victim to this deceptive scam. Feel free to leave us a comment below with any feedback or inquiries. Alternatively, you can also use the contact us page.

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