Alderley Code Scam Review – WARNING! Must-Read Review!!

Alderley Code Scam by Grant Alderley is one of the newest binary options auto trading apps to be released and is currently operating under the radar. It has not officially launched on any affiliate networks but is being heavily marketed via e-mail and paid advertising services. We urge you to read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions, especially if you have received one of these ‘special invites’ to sign up. We received numerous complaints from inexperienced binary options traders who have funded trading accounts with the Alderley Code only to have their account balances depleted hours later. A thorough investigation of this shady system was conducted by our team of specialists and returned concerning results with indications of foul play. This Alderley Code review aims to provide clarity to potential investors by exposing the results of our audit:

Alderley Code Scam Review

Alderley Code Review

The Alderley Code Scam video presentation begins with the introduction of its alleged founder and CEO, Grant Alderley. Grant is looking for 105 ‘lucky members’ to try out his newly developed software, the Alderley Code. He claims to be the owner of Alderley Wealth Group where he manages over $2 billion in assets for his clients. Over a 10-year period, Grant has brought his clients hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. Supposedly, this is the key to Grant’s magical algorithm behind the Alderley Code… 10 years of raw trading data. Everything sounds great so far.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that none of these claims are true. Alderley Wealth Group isn’t even a real company, it doesn’t exist. We searched high and low for any trace of its existence but found none. A company which has been operating for more than 10 years while managing 2 billion dollars in assets should at least have a website. There were no Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles associated with this company. We found this to be highly suspicious for a high-profile ‘investment company’.

Even the founder and CEO of Alderley Code, Grant Alderley, was nowhere to be found. The truth is that none of them actually exist, they were made-up with the sole intention of deceiving new unsuspecting traders. Grant is actually just an actor who was hired to read a script and be the face of the Alderley Code scam. This comes as no surprise to us since 95% of the scams we review make use of paid actors and made-up companies. If you pay close attention to the video, there are moments where Grant tries his best to contain his laughter/smirks while reading the script. Even he finds the claims ridiculous!

Is Alderley Code a SCAM?

Alderley Code Review

Before we draw any definitive conclusions, let’s explore some of the other suspicious claims made regarding the Alderley Code software. Grant repeatedly mentions all deposits and funds are “100% Insured & Guaranteed“. What does that even mean? Profits are guaranteed and losses are insured? If profits are guaranteed then there is no risk, why is insurance even needed? The whole purpose of insurance is to protect/reduce risk. This is a very contradictory statement. Also, trading binary options can never come with ZERO risks, there is always risk involved. How well you manage risk determines your success. We also haven’t heard of an insurance company that insures against trade losses, that makes little to no sense, financially speaking.

Grant also says the Alderley Code system will earn $2,000 daily and work for you 24/7 on complete auto-pilot. The financial markets are closed on the weekends which make trading then impossible. Yet, this miraculous software claims to be able to trade 7 days a week. This is most definitely a lie. Trading on complete auto-pilot, however, most reliable auto traders can do and is not a major selling point. Earnings of $2,000+ per day are virtually unheard of with a $250 minimum investment. Even the profitable Copy Buffet software which boasts an 85% accuracy doesn’t make such ridiculous claims. Anyone who promises/guarantees you thousands of dollars in daily profits is usually someone who’s out to get your money.

There are a ton of other deceptive statements we discovered during our review process, but we don’t want this to turn into a 10-page report nor do we want to waste any more time on this bogus system. We will go over 1 final claim which is the “24-hour withdrawals”, before concluding our Alderley Code review. On average, it takes 5-7 working days before withdrawals are fully processed by brokers and banks before reaching your bank account.

It can take up to 14 days in some cases to receive your funds depending on where you’re located. The brokers have a high volume of daily withdrawals to process and need time to verify and approve the withdrawals. Once that’s done, the funds are sent to the banks who take a longer period of time to approve transactions since their transaction volume is a thousand times more. Same day withdrawals are a blatant lie the Alderley Code scam wants unsuspecting traders to believe, in hopes of luring them into the scam.

Alderley Code Review Conclusion: Stay away, Massive HOAX!!

Binary options trading is a very lucrative field and is attracting more and more traders/investors daily due to its low barrier of entry. The downside to this is that many scam artists also flock to the scene, attempting to capitalize on the high interest. It is crucial that you perform due diligence by reading credible reviews before investing into any software or platform.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before making any endorsements. To date, we only have 2 services that we endorse, out of the hundreds of services we have reviewed. We highly recommend you check out the NEO² Software as it is our current most profitable auto-trader.

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