98% Success SCAM or Legit? – Unbiased Review with PROOF!

The 98% Success by Henry D’Souza is the newest binary options SCAM to hit the market. This crappy trading software which supposedly exploits a “legal glitch” to make its users hundreds of dollars a day is just another hoax! It wasn’t difficult for us to completely debunk this system as there are many obvious scam-like elements found throughout the website and video presentation.  In this review, we will expose some of the deceptive sales tactics employed by the con-artists responsible for this shady system. Please read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money. We are certain our analysis and findings will change the way you look at the 98% Succes System!

98% Success Scam Review

Henry D’Souza

98% Success False Claims Analysis

Let’s start with the name 98% Success, which implies a ninety-eight percent win rate. If you make 100 trades and only lose 2 trades, you would have a 98% success rate. Achieving a success rate of 98% over a period of time is virtually unheard of in the binary options industry! Quite frankly, it’s impossible. Even the best traders in the world who devote decades of their lives analysing and mastering trends can not achieve/maintain a record like that. If there was ever such a product to exist, big financial players would willingly spend billions of dollars to attain it. Yet, we are supposed to believe the opportunity was presented to us instead, free of charge. What did we do to deserve this? Having a 98% accuracy is nothing but a fictitious claim that they want you to believe so it will be easier for them to get into your pockets and steal your money.

Henry D’Souza boldly claims to be the person responsible for the finding of a computer glitch in the New York Stock Exchange back in 2014. He also wants us to believe that the bug has not been fixed and is still exploitable by him. While it is true that Wall Street did cease trading for 4 whole hours back in July of 2015 because of a bug, the claim that it is still exploitable simply isn’t true. Any computer bug that can easily be exploited by “mid-level hackers” is a serious issue and is not one the people in Wall Stree take lightly. It can cause millions of dollars in losses, if not billions. If those issues were not identified and resolved, Wall Street would not have commenced trading 4 hours later. Rest assured, the glitch/bug has been fixed and none of us will become millionaires by exploiting it today.

98% Success Scam Findings

The first and most obvious scam-like element we discovered were the fake security badges and associations with famous news networks. These do not mean anything or carry any weight since none of these badges/links are clickable. Genuine security badges should be clickable and would lead you to another page where more verification is available. Think of the ones on 98% Success’ homepage as more of decorations. Decorations that attempt to feint “trust” or “security”.

98% Success Fake Badges

Further below the page we discovered a bunch of fabricated testimonials from Lena Bailey, Carolyn Barber, Roderick Moody, and a few others. We recognize some of these faces from a previous scam we reviewed called Dream Profits. It is common for fraudulent services such as the 98% Success to make use of self-made testimonials to further convince their potential victims. Some of the scammers who use fake testimonials include Profits Infinity, Globe Traders, and Insured Outcome They steal pictures of random people on the internet, match the images to random names, and write fake testimonials. Most fraudsters are smart enough to use new images but it appears the people behind 98% success are too lazy and have no problems recycling images to be used deceptively.

98 Success Fabricated Testimonials

98 Success Fabricated Testimonials!

They also make use of deceptive sales tactics such as fake scarcity counters. If you look on the right side of their webpage, there’s a floating counter which reads “Spots Still Available?”. If you click on that counter, it shows you some stats which highlight 96 spots have been taken and only 4 slots are remaining. These stats were the same for us yesterday as they are today. We are 100% certain you will be shown the same statistics as well. How do we know this? Because those numbers are just made up. They want you to believe that only 4 spots are left so that you quickly jump on the opportunity without first thinking it through rationally, out of fear of missing out on the last few spots. In reality, there are infinite amounts of vacant spots. Hundreds of people have already fallen victim to this scam yet it still shows “4 spots remaining”. It’s a good thing you weren’t fooled by this since you managed to find your way to this review without immediately signing up.

Review Conclusion: 98% Success is a SCAM!

 There should be absolutely no doubt by now that this whole system is just another bogus hoax. We have added the 98 Success to our list of blacklisted services and strongly advise you against investing with them. Thank you for taking the time to read our 98 Success Scam Review. We hope it benefited you in one way or another. Feel free to share this on social media to help prevent more people from falling victim. Do subscribe to our blog to stay updated with the latest binary options scams. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below. We do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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