97% Partners is a SCAM!! Honest Evidence Based Review!!

97% Partners Scam is a new binary options auto trader that’s due to be released this week. We decided to review this system before its launch so that we are able to help potential investors make an informed decision. During our investigation of the 97partner.co site, we discovered many different scam-like elements that suggest the software being promoted is indeed a fraud. Please read this 97% Partners review through to the end before making any investment decisions. We are certain this will change your outlook on this shady system.

97% Profit Scam Review

97% Partners Review

How does the 97% Partners Scam work? To be honest, we have no clue. Very little information is provided as to how this magical system which ‘guarantees’ you profits, actually works. Our only take from the video presentation is that this is some sort of revenue share program where you keep 97% of the profits while the producers only take 3%. That sounds great and all but what are we actually investing in? How does this magical software work?

Unfortunately for us, we will not find the answer to these questions in the 97% Partners presentation. All we see are a bunch of testimonials from users who have supposedly made a lot of money using their platform. Basically, all they want you to know is that this software is guaranteed to make you ‘rich’ over a short period of time. Sounds a lot like a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’ to us,  and we all know what happens when you invest in these types of schemes… it never ends well.

We have no idea who the developer of this suspicious system really is. The voice over actor for this cartoon presentation claims to be the owner who goes by the name Simon. Simon supposedly is an ex-professor from a very prestigious Sweedish University. He conveniently forgets to provide us with his full name as well as the name of the university he lectured in. This makes it impossible for us to verify his existence. We simply cannot fathom how this person expects people to invest when he fails to provide important details such as his identity or how the software works. Look what else we found during our review process:

97 Partners Scam Elements

97Partners Scam Elements

The 97% Partners scam guarantees a minimum of $4,300 in daily profits. Those are ridiculous amounts to guarantee and definitely raise a big red flag. In our experience reviewing scams, any auto trader that makes GUARANTEES of profits such as these are usually fraudulent ones. Even the industry leading auto-traders such as the NEO² Software brings us a maximum daily profit of only $900 and makes no claims of being “risk-free”. Trading binary options is a very lucrative field but it should not be mistaken for one that will make you a millionaire overnight. Certainly not with ZERO-RISK.

That’s not all we found during our review process. There were a bunch of contradictory statements in the introduction video which we found to be highly suspicious. For example, when Simon says “there are no free lunches”, he’s basically trying to say anything that is worth something usually comes at a cost and will not be free of charge. Yet, the 97% Partners system is 100% FREE! He tries to disguise it as a paid for service by saying revenue sharing is involved but in reality it IS a free product as you do not incur a cost in acquiring it. We are in no way against free products, some of the best services we have tested are free (minimum broker deposit required), but when you claim the opposite in attempts to seem credible, it definitely seems fishy.

97% Partners Review: Fake Testimonials?

As if that wasn’t enough to debunk this entire hoax, we even found evidence of fake testimonials being used. Remember Rob, from the intro? He is actually a paid actor from Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace favored by scammers for the acquisition of less-than-honest production/marketing services. We recognized him from previous scams we reviewed who also featured his poor acting skills. Here’s a link to Bob’s gig on Fiverr where you can pay to say anything you want him to, in front of a camera.

Fabricated Testimonials

97% Partners Review Conclusion: Stay away, MASSIVE HOAX!

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise now as to why we decided to label them a Scam! No legitimate service will make use of this many shady marketing tactics to attract investors. We hope you are not too discouraged as you may have bought into some of their claims and have high expectations. If you are looking for a better alternative, we highly recommend you visit out trusted services section.

We test and review binary options services on a daily basis and rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a software. Our list is updated daily and contains only our best performing systems. Be warned, they won’t turn you into an overnight millionaire but they can supply you with an additional source of income.

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