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7 Figure Months by Martin Saunders is the latest binary options Scam software that is available on the market. The fraudulent system promises to make users $1,000,000 in monthly profits with zero risks involved. We received several reports from dissatisfied traders who claim the 7 Figure Months software does not live up to its promises. For this reason, we got our team of specialists to investigate the system thoroughly. We will be exposing the results of our investigation in this comprehensive 7 Figure Months review. Please read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions or you might regret it later.

Official scam site: 7FigureMonths.com

7 figure months scam review

Martin Saunders’ 7 Figure Months Review

Martin Saunders is the CEO and founder of the 7Figure Months software. He claims to have a binary options auto trading system that will generate its users $35,000 in daily profits. There is no risk involved in using his platform since it is “impossible to lose” with the auto trader. Apparently, his revolutionary software is able to achieve a 100% winning ratio by exploiting a  secret loophole in the financial markets. Martin Saunders then goes on to assure us that the whole process/system is legal and guarantees that failure is impossible. The opportunity is only available for the lucky few who received a ‘special invite’ to participate with them. Upon receiving 20 entrants, registrations will be closed indefinitely.  Everything sounds great so far, right?

We genuinely want to believe everything Martin Saunders has to say about the 7 Figure Months software. However, this isn’t the first system we know of to make such bold claims and ridiculous guarantees. Martin emphasizes that his product is nothing like other scammy software that is abundantly available online. The unfortunate reality of the situation, however, is that the 7 Figure Months scam is almost identical to 90% of the other scams we review. To find out why exactly, continue reading below:

Is 7 Figure Months a Scam?

We believe it is. First of all, there is no such thing as ZERO-RISK when it comes to trading or investing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Most forms of trading generally come with some form of risk, this includes Forex and Stocks. A trader/investor who manages risk well usually becomes profitable or successful. The opposite is true for those who don’t manage their risk well enough. Trading binary options, however, does come with LOWER risks compared to other forms of trading. But this isn’t the same as saying there is absolutely no risk involved. Scam software such as the 7 Figure Months love making fraudulent claims like these to attract new unsuspecting traders.

7 Figure Months review scam

Even if a software is exploiting ‘loopholes’ or glitches in the financial markets, it can’t possible remain successful for over 12 months! Most glitches in the financial markets can cause billions of dollars in losses. For those reasons, whenever an exploit is detected the financial markets are closed for trading until the exploit is fixed. Thousands of people are in charge of monitoring transactions in the financial markets to search for potential exploits. That is why most exploits only last a couple of hours at most while some may go undetected for a couple of days. It’s simply ridiculous how the con artists behind the 7 Figure Months scam expect us to believe their exploit has gone undetected for over a year. They even say it’s expected to last another 12 months!

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7FigureMonths.com Fake Testimonials

Remember Michelle from the 7 Figure Months video presentation? She’s the lady in blue who appears in the video introduction as ‘proof’ of the fraudulent systems success. Quite frankly, we find her acting to be horrible as her reaction wasn’t even close to being genuine. Michelle isn’t actually a real member of the 7 Figure Months scam. She is just an actor who is providing her services to the producers behind this giant scam. Michelle appears as ‘Sarah’ in another scam we wrote a review on called Nesdek Inc. This gives us reason to believe that the same criminals are behind both scams. Guess what we found next?

The screenshots of account balances from other “successful” 7 Figure Months members are fake as well. According to our research, the 7Figure.Months.Com website is less than 2 weeks old (at the time of writing). Whois.com clearly shows that the website under investigation was only registered on the 26th of July 2016. If so, how is it possible for them to show us over 12 months worth of “trading results”? This is clearly another deception that is meant to fool traders into thinking they are legitimate. Unsurprisingly, the deception doesn’t end there.

7 figure months software review

Only 20 limited spots left?

Martina Saunders repeatedly enforces that participation for the software is by invite only and that there are only 20 available spots. We knew this wasn’t true even before writing the review. The number of unhappy customers alone who wrote to us exceeded 20 people. Why do they keep saying slots are limited to 20 when it obviously isn’t? The reason for that is they want to make the offer seem ‘exclusive’ so that more people will rush to sign up. By instilling a sense of urgency in their potential victims, the scam artists trick them into thinking they don’t have enough time to perform research or read credible reviews before making an informed decision. If they do, they could potentially lose their shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity. These are nothing but mind games.

7 Figure Months Review Conclusion: 100% Scam – Stay Away!

The 7 Figure Months scam makes use of fabricated testimonials, lies, deception, as well as psychological tricks to recruit members. A fraudulent system such as this is definitely one to stay away from. We will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services as we have seen more than enough evidence indicating they are indeed a scam. It is important that you read reviews from trusted sources before signing with any binary options software that is thrown at you in the future.

We do our best to stay up-to-date with the newest binary options scams as well as the legitimate services that are launched daily. The legitimate services, however, are few and far between. Only 5% of the services we test and review end up on our white list. If you wish to get started with binary options and are looking for a reliable second source of income, be sure to visit our recommended services section. We only endorse systems that bring us positive and consistent results. Most of them are also endorsed by other authority blogs and have nothing but positive feedback from the binary options community.

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